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How to save my progress in SEO if change domain?

A well-formed decision to change a domain name is a big one, for sure. But considering commonly pressing terms fueled with budget issues emerging on the way to full execution recovery, many of us can feel frustrated.

seo change domain

Among the most realistic outcomes happening for SEO after change domain, is a temporary loss of organic traffic. Such damage is usually scaled to 5-20% and is expected for the website traffic, at least through the initial period up to 3-4 weeks usually needed by Google crawling bots to study the new URLs, redirects, or any other off-page updates. First of all, feel calm, as this time frame must be definitely enough to compensate your losses. That way, I recommend applying for a PPC campaign targeted at your business brand name, as well as the main non-branded items applicable for search.

Most commonly, the lion’s share of webmasters and web developers would start taking would-be after therapy works, starting recovery once their SEO and change domain works have been already launched. But you might as well take a step further away. I mean you can go for some preliminary works doing your best to help Google itself, as well as the rest of search engines,  get a better understanding of what is going to happen and react adequately. So, you can keep your progress in SEO turning change domain and all the mess around it into a seamless procedure. I suggest feeling yourself like a boss, just with following these proactive steps:

  • Rebuilding your links based on the other high domain authority websites is a brilliant idea. While you are busy with updating and rebuilding your current backlinks on the Internet, feel free to interpret the necessity to change domain as some great new opportunities. I mean you can easily bulti more fresh backlinks through the weeks following domain change. Doing so, you will be sending even more correct and useful signals to Google. And that’s gonna be awarded with higher ranking in the SERPs after all.

change domain

  • Don’t forget to come back for your old backlinks reworked with the new URLs. The core idea here is to gain back your full set of quality backlinks while reducing the redirect count on the domain at the same time. Doing go, crawl on the Internet using a special tool (I used to rely on ahrefs), find your backlinks with the strongest authority. Once they are located, make sure to conduct an outreach effort using email to request an update for them all.
  • At last, don’t forget to make promotion for your new domain name via social media channels. That way, start with updating your website URL and the very business brand name (if applicable) on the most popular and related frameworks. Also, it would be a very good idea to announce a domain change for an event on some of your social media channels. That will help you keep the audience informed that only your domain is going to change, but the high values of your products or services will be all the same anyway.
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