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Can you help me understand the main benefits of high PR websites for backlinks?

Of course, if you want to enjoy a real, measurable progress in SEO, it’s essential to build a quality link profile to your website or blog. Nowadays, there are three main factors that make the “ideal” profile of backlinks - their relevance, plurality, and quality. Apparently, all quality links are built the natural way and coming from only trusted sources with high PageRank, domain authority, page authority, etc. But does it mean that you have to pick only high PR websites for backlinks?

I believe that no, it doesn't. Why so? Just because the real things are a little bit more complex. I mean that having just as many high PR websites for backlinks as possible will never let you get anywhere. Seriously, we can easily get a new PR9 or maybe even PR10 backlink, for example from WordPress. Everything can be completed just in minutes - and you’re done. So, would such backlink be that benefitting, how do you think? In fact, nothing validates a newly placed backlink. I mean that each separate backlink would be nearly null and void unless it is going to become an organic part of a well-diversified link profile. That’s why I recommend betting on a plurality to build links with many places poles apart, which should have a diversity of different metrics, of course including their unequal PageRank scores. 

Nevertheless, it’s still very important to have a sufficient number of high PR websites for backlinks. The thing is that the major search engines like Google itself are using a set of three main factors (i.e., relevancy, diversity, and quality - in part contributed with PR property) to determine the real weight and validity for every backlink in your website’s profile. Consider the following main benefits of using high PR websites for backlinks. Keep in mind, however, that you will be able to enjoy them only if you've got a high-quality and purely relevant content. 

Main Benefits Of High PR Backlinks:

  • Fairly authoritative look of your website or blog, from the viewpoint of the major search engines like Google itself, as well as Yahoo and Bing.
  • Potentially more significant traffic pulled to your web pages, of course given that your top-quality and purely relevant content is sufficient enough to attract some interest from the real users eventually paying a visit to your website or blog.
  • Stronger authority and trust by the other authoritative sources linking to web sources with high PageRank will be recognized by Google as a significant positive ranking signal, therefore making your website or blog worth being awarded a more senior ranking position in the SERPs.
  • High search ranking position itself gives a good potential to pump an increased web traffic, consequently showing the green light to a broader exposure in online search, at the same time turning your potential customers into the real ones, ultimately resulting into greater sales at scale.
  • Create a better public awareness, commonly improving your online presence and contributing to a more famous brand name of your business.

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