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Can you show me the basic guidelines and Amazon product description rules?

Unfortunately, there are no universal guidelines or Amazon product description rules that would work for you with a guaranteed result. I mean that every shred of practical insight found on the Internet should be tried on practice first, in order to understand whether it serves you well – either just as it is, or probably needs adjusting to a certain degree. And below I’m going to give you some useful suggestions about ecommerce SEO and a couple of practical recommendations related to Amazon product description rules. Hope they will be useful and help you with optimizing your product descriptions. Ultimately, to see your product offers among the top featured deals listed on that really crowded online marketplace.

Amazon Product Description Rules and Optimization Hints

Every page of product listing on Amazon is intended to give a big picture of the major benefits and features of the item offered for sale (e.g., size, style, elements of everyday usage, practical recommendations about what else the product can be used for, etc.). Most commonly, Amazon product description rules suggest encouraging those sellers who have got their product listings embedded with the accurate dimensions, warranty information, maintenance instructions, as well as sound wording, correct grammar and punctuation. Looks much like the original concept of the Search Engine Optimization (SEO), right?

Bad Optimization Practices for Your Product Description 

Avoid using the following types of data in your product descriptions:

  • Any company-specific data (note, however, that it’s not about your product brand name – if you’re going to mention it even in your product title for optimization purposes and better exposure in a more targeted branded search – you’re fine).
  • Any irrelevant details (such as data on any other, not related item you’re selling over there), as well as the seller name, website URLs, or e-mail addresses.
  • Openly promotional expressions or calls to action (for example, anything like “free shipping,” “special offer,” “limited sale,” and so on).

Best Tips for Bullet Points for Your Product Descriptions

In fact, the list of bullet points actually stands for a shorter and more concise version of your product description. And the thing is that your bullets should be as descriptive and clear as possible. That way, consider the following use-proven practices to optimize this section the right way:

  • Every bullet point should begin with a capitalized word.
  • All numbers are recommended to be written as numerals.
  • Fragmentary wording without ending punctuation is a good practice.
  • Each phrase within the same bullet should be separated with semicolons.
  • Highlighting no more than top five benefits or product features is a MUST.
  • Listing only specific item attributes should be prioritized.
  • Vague statements, as well as promotional, pricing, or shipping information isn’t recommended for the list of bullet points under any circumstances.

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