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What SEO recommendations can improve my site rankings on Google?

Nowadays, when you put “SEO recommendations” query into a search box, you will receive hundreds of thousands of relevant answers which can answer your question. However, there is a lot of misinformation online when it comes to search engine optimization sphere. As optimization sphere is highly-demanded, many non-professionals decide to write articles and tutorials about it to attract more users to their domains. Keep in mind that such quality optimization recommendations may not only confuse website owners but also hurt their site rankings. 

You should not trust so-called “SEO experts” unless they do not search engine optimization service providers. Only, in this case, they have enough experience and knowledge to give you SEO advice. One of the biggest problems that average users face when they are searching for SEO recommendations is that they do not know what information they need to trust. It is a valid concern. You need to always test out anything you find on the Internet before accepting it as a good optimization idea. In this article, I would like to share my most effective search engine optimization tips I have checked on my own experience.

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Actually working SEO recommendations

  • Research the competition

To create a winning optimization campaign, you need to conduct a market analysis and competitors research. So start with a browsing the net for keywords relevant to your market niche. Then look at all the results on the first page of Google, ignoring any ad results at the TOP. All websites which are placed on the first SERP page are your market niche competitors. Check what promotional strategies your competitors are using and what they are missing. Do not afraid to borrow some winning strategies to your site and create a strategy how you can outsmart your rivals.

  • Make up a list of keywords.

The next step after competitors analysis is keyword research. You need to pick the search terms and phrases you want the post to show up for. It should be the most relevant to your business search terms which your potential customers may use to looking for products or services like yours. I advise you to avoid highly competitive and too general key phrases as most likely they are used by well-established old domains. That is why you need to select long-tailed and less competitive search terms which can bring you a quality traffic. The easiest way to make keyword suggestion is use Google Keyword Planner or other free professional tools available online.

seo advice

  • Create the best content

You have probably heard the notion that content is a king. Here, I will try to explain you why. Content is the most significant aspect of SEO which does not require technical experience. Website content is the first thing users observe when they open your site. In other words, it is a search engine optimization element that creates a first impression. That is why your content should be, first of all, maximally relevant to your market niche. Secondly, it should be unique as there is no point repeating the information your market niche competitors have already published. Thirdly, it is a smart idea to write on topical issues that most likely will be interested in users. To improve your brand awareness and online reputation, you need to be an expert in your industry and share with users such quality and unique information they won’t find anywhere else. Make sure all your content directly resonates with your customers' persona.

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