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How to implement quick SEO tips to improve recently launched site rankings?

Search engine optimization is a process of website optimization according to Google standards. It should be done by professionals as there is a high risk of losing all site positions in a case of non-quality optimization. While many website owners take SEO as a complex and foreign landscape, it is not so complicated but changeable sphere. 

Search engines continually update their ranking algorithms, that is why you need to be up to date with this sphere to be able to optimize your site taking into account of these updates. However, there are some search engine optimization essentials which can help you to improve your site SEO without specialized knowledge and money investments. In this short search engine optimization guide you will find what optimization strategies SEO specialists used as quick wins when they took on a new project.

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Quick SEO tips for new entrants

  • Conduct keyword research

It is the first thing you should do for your site optimization. To make up a list of the most relevant and high-volume search terms, you need to conduct market analysis and find out what key phrases your market niche competitors use to attract potential customers. You should not target the same search terms as your bigger competitors as it won’t give you any positive result because they may be more reputable in the online world. Moreover, Google gives more preference to the long-lasting domains. To conduct extensive keyword research, you may use such supportive online tools as Google Keyword Planner or Semalt Auto SEO.

  • Set up a Google My Business account

This tool was specially created by Google to improve local websites visibility on SERP. You need to create your business account and get all your business details uploaded. It will help your potential customers easily find you on Google by inserting an appropriate search query. If all your business information is correct and coincides with the data you indicate on your website, Google will show it at the TOP of local search results. Even broad queries with substantial search volume are showing local results which is something small business owners can capitalize upon.

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  • Make use of Google Search Console

 Google Search Console is a free and widely available Google software that gives a lot of valuable information about the current site situation and positions on SERP as well as any errors on your site and issues you should address. It is a must-have tool that shows website owners what they need to improve on a website. You can measure your optimization campaign success using Google Search Console as it shows you website metrics such as bounce rate, traffic sources, the average number of visitors, the time users spend on a site and the number of web pages they look through. Moreover, it helps find out what keywords Google thinks your site is relevant to.

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