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Why do I need scribe SEO for my WordPress website?

Nowadays, there are many search engine optimization tools on the web which are designed to simplify our life and automated a process of website optimization. For those who are looking for a useful SEO plugin for their WordPress site, Scribe SEO tool may be quite helpful. If you have never heard about Scribe SEO plugin, the following information will be quite useful for you.

Scribe SEO is a paid WordPress plugin which is designed to help your content rank higher on Google SERP. Everything you need is to load this plugin and register in it. Then a Scribe SEO tool begins to scan your website content to analyze it and give a score based on its structure and keyword density. If you receive the highest score, everything is perfectly well, and you do not need any content amendments. However, if you score less than 100%, this WordPress tool provides you with some tips how you can improve the current situation. The higher score you get, the more chances you will rank high on Google. So, Scribe SEO serves as a personal search engine optimization consultant who works under your site content to meet your business goals.

scribe seo

What services does Scribe SEO tool provide?

There are three main tasks performed by WordPress Scribe SEO tool:

  • Keywords;
  • Content;
  • Link building.

Let us discuss more detailed all these aspects and find out how we can benefit from Scribe SEO tool.

  • Keywords research and smart implementation

Using this WordPress tool, you always know what search terms you need to use to attract your potential customers. It acquaints you with the language average users use to find products or services in your niche. The scribe may provide you with the unlimited amount of search terms. So, each time you are finished to write a text, this tool start researching the new ones. So, with the help of Scribe tool, your content will get the most targeted traffic.

  • Content improvements

This WordPress tool has an artificial intelligence and can find any mistakes and omissions on your site and give you some useful suggestions how do you need to modify your site content to meet search engine standards. It will significantly simplify a process of website analysis and enables you to improve your current ranking situation. There are no more the same quality tools on the market. That is why a Scribe SEO tool worths your attention and investments.

  • Link juice generation

This tool is also available for link building. It may significantly simplify a process of getting backlinks from related to your niche domains and crosslink the content which is placed on your site. Moreover, Scribe SEO tool may find social media users who drive traffic to your site. All these link building techniques may drive a quality traffic to your site and raise a conversion rate.

Scribe is a way out for writers    

As a creative rule people who create quality texts are devoted to their work, do not have time to on a technical part of content creation like strong content structuring and optimization. Scribe SEO tool is a way out for such people as there is no sense in the quality content which is not well optimized. It has a rather pleasant way of eliminating the fear, impatience, frustration or anger writers may feel concerning search engine optimization.

Scribe SEO is a user-friendly tool which does not require any technical knowledge from the user. It is specially designed for people who are unaware of website optimization peculiarities. It merely suggests you place the right amount of relevant search terms in the correct place. There are no tricks or pitfalls in this process.

This tool is also provided its subscribers with keyword analysis by showing you which keywords you are targeting. Moreover, it gives you an opportunity to check search engine result page preview and provides you with a list of suggested tags relevant to your website content.

With this tool, you do not need to keep in mind search engine optimization tricks while generating your content. You can simply make what you are doing the best and trust a technical part of your work to Scribe SEO.

Each time you evaluate your site content, WordPress Scribe SEO tool gives you a score. However, there is no need to strive for 100% score for every text. Of course, you will make your text perfectly optimized according to all standards, but honestly, your text won’t be valuable or have personality. Having an article which is perfectly optimized but unreadable and not engaging is never as good as a slightly less optimized article which is interesting to read.  

Scribe SEO pricing

As it was mentioned before, Scribe SEO is a paid WordPress plugin. However, it provides customers with a free trial version to enables them to become familiarized with the primary services. It is an excellent opportunity for writers and website owners to learn more about this WordPress optimization tool. So, if you have decided that Scribe SEO may be beneficial for your business, you need to pay a monthly rate for it.

This tool is available at three different price levels based on how often you evaluate your content per month:

  • Starter (30 evaluations per month) = $27
  • Publisher (120 evaluations per month) = $47
  • Advanced (300 evaluations per month) = $97

wordpress seo

The Starter package is ideally suited for one-person blogging operations. It won’t be suitable for e-commerce website owners or news websites, where the amount of content generated per month is higher than average.

The Publisher and Advanced packages are ideal for those writers who have a lot of clients or website owners who need to check a vast amount of content daily. The pleasant bonus is that there are no limits to how many websites you may install Scribe on.

Moreover, this tool is matched with all WordPress sites that run the Headway theme, Thesis theme, Hybrid theme and others. For websites which are based on other content management systems, it will be problematic to connect with Scribe SEO tool.  

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