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What is SEO cost per each keyword targeting?

Nowadays, almost all businesses need to decide how much money they should invest in search engine optimization. As everybody realizes that SEO is a MUST for business survival, they are ready to spend the biggest amount of their revenue on optimization services. However, a prospective online merchant should plan his budgeting. That is why it is significant for him to answer the question “How much will he spend on SEO?” Of course, there is no precise answer to this issue. Search engine optimization is not easy to measure as many marketing activities may impact organic search traffic. Moreover, the cost of SEO services may depend on the potential rewards. For instance, ranking nationally for highly competitive keywords where an SEO cost per keyword may be $10 will have far more costs associated with it than ranking for a less competitive local keyword. It means that the geographical location of your optimization campaign will also have an impact on a final price.

seo cost per keyword

In this short article, I am going to answer you the question “How much will you spend on SEO?”. Moreover, I will give you some helpful tips on how SEO agencies work to help you obtain the best SEO results.

SEO payment models

To help you select the best budgeting variant for your website optimization, I decided to show you some basic payment models used by SEO agencies.

  • Monthly payments

According to this payment model, you need to pay a monthly fee for services a search engine optimization company provide you with. There are no additional charges for a monthly SEO package. You just need to pay for an agreed-upon array of optimization services. A monthly fee for SEO is the most convenient way of payment as it gives an opportunity continuously improve website rankings and raise a return on investment. Monthly services usually include analytics reports, the new keyword suggestion, link building and on-site content improvements.

  • Contract services

Contract services are another traditional optimization method provided by SEO agencies. Usually, this kind of services has a fixed price. Usually, before website owners are ready to engage a monthly retainer, they will select contract services that they want to have completed. All the services pricing, as well as SEO cost per keyword, are placed on the optimization agency site. So, you may check everything before making an order. As an example of contract services, I can enumerate keyword research, competitive analysis, and website errors fixing.

seo cost

  • Project-based pricing

The custom projects are created specifically for a client needs that is why their price can vary depending on the size of a project, market niche and project complexity. Usually, project fees are similar to contract services. The business owners together with an SEO agency decide on the scope and cost of the particular project. Project-based optimization is the best variant for local or recently launched business as it helps to improve website online presence and attract quality traffic.

  • Hourly consulting

Some SEO agencies also provide consulting services to help website owners to improve some SEO elements on their sites and build a winning optimization campaign by their own. This type of services has an hourly fee.

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