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How backlinks from PR8 web sources can affect your site SEO?

Inbound links are very significant factors for websites. If you want to increase website traffic and ranking positions, the best way to do it is to acquire PR 8 backlinks. There are many high-authoritative web sources from which you can get the quality dofollow backlinks. However, not all webmasters know how to obtain backlinks from these sources and think that it is not possible or costly. 

In this article, we will discuss the methods of obtaining high PR backlinks from Google-owned web sources and platforms such as Google+, and others. We will show you that it is quite easy and free to get backlinks from Google. So let us start!

How to create PageRank 8 dofollow backlinks from Google Drive?

The following steps will help you to obtain relevant and quality external links from Google and raise your domain authority. Moreover, these backlinks will help you to increase your site PageRank and boost organic traffic to your pages. 

  • Login to your Gmail account or if you still do not have one, create the Gmail login detail.
  • Open your Gmail and click on “my Drive” section.
  • Create the new folder on Google drive. You can give any name to the folder.
  • After that create an HTML file in notepad. Here you should insert your site link to relevant anchor text. To accomplish this task, you need to enter special HTML code with your blog or site URL. 

Free Backlinks to your Website

  • When the code is done, you need to make this folder and file visible to Google bots. Make sure you use a dofollow tag with your website link. Then click on “Share” button and share your file with the public.
  • Open share settings and choose “Public on the web” option. Your file is open to everyone now. 
  • Click on the folder and select “Details and activity” button.
  • In the right-hand side, you will see “Details” section. Copy your link there. 
  • Open the new tab in your browser and paste there the copied URL.
  • Insert there your file name and enter. 
  • As a result, you will observe the required page with dofollow backlinks. 

How to create PageRank 8 dofollow backlinks from Google Plus?

Google Plus is social media platform owned by Google that provides an incredible opportunity for SEO experts to create some quality dofollow backlinks. You can build PR8 dofollow backlinks in About section and Story part. Moreover, you can create links in both Page and Profile using your anchor text. Everything you need is to fill out information about yourself in the mentioned above sections and insert dofollow backlinks to your site there. 

How to create PageRank 8 dofollow backlinks from Wikipedia?

A valuable content piece from your site or blog can be used as a source by Wikipedia. By searching your area of expertise, adding to a relevant subject and quoting authority will create several high-quality PR10 backlinks to your web source. 

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