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Can you help me find the best keyword estimator to stay well-optimized on Amazon?

Here are some good keyword estimator tools with a use-proven performance for you to find all the necessary information about product search terms and long-tail terms you need for product listing optimization on Amazon. Below I’m going to show you a brief overview of three most featured keyword estimator tools I found the ultimate solutions to always stay on top of Amazon’s product search with well-optimized product listings. Note, however, that as your progress in Amazon SEO grows, already tight keyword competition keeps increasing too. So, you should always remember to be realistic considering choosing the right pool of keywords you’re going to optimize for. I mean that sometimes recently launched drop-shipping and ecommerce business can run a definitely better optimization strategy precisely for those search terms having less competition. Keeping that in mind, let’s finally run through these probably ultimately best keyword estimator tools available on the market for the moment.

1. Google Analytics – of course, this option isn’t necessarily known by most of us as a keyword estimator tool for Amazon. Nevertheless, Google Analytics is still a good old way of getting a valuable insight on the keywords performance you’ve achieved for so far. Sometimes you might simply realize that there are a lot of the other brand-new keywords worth ranking too. And here is when this default keyword tool package by the world’s search giant comes into play. Anyway, if you’re still new here, I recommend trying Google Analytics first and foremost. Doing so, you will be able to quickly check what currently works well for you, and what exactly needs a revision or should be probably changed at once.

2. KW Finder – this keyword estimator tool is very similar to the previous one (Google Analytics). The thing is that KW Finder pulls together a set of very comparable metrics commonly acquired with more advanced software tools and online frameworks, for example by Moz or SEMrush. As for me, I found KW Finder as a very benefitting experience. And I believe that you would appreciate it as well. Of course, given that you are willing and ready to spend some time for working on several manual filters (e.g., negative keywords and/or additional search phrases for consideration) to maximize your Amazon product listing’s overall performance in SEO. After all, this keyword estimator tool is available in open access, so you will never have to pay even a single penny for using its full-fat version.

3. Keyword Tool – my last featured option for running an in-depth keyword research is a self-explanatory one by name. And you can easily grab it from a literally titled official website ( Among its strongest sides, Keyword Tool is supported in eleven different languages to give you all the necessary potentially winning keywords and topo popular search phrases – in a nearly self-driven manner. With its basic version (unfortunately, Keyword Tool Pro will cost you something around 90 bucks per month) you can quickly get the estimated search volume, your current rate of keyword competition, as well as a lot of useful keyword suggestions, grabbed directly from your closest niche competitors.

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