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How do I get high pr backlinks?

If you are still wondering how to get some quality backlinks with high PR websites, then I'm sure you are finally in the right place. How do I get high PR backlinks? Below I'm going to have a brief overview of the three, probably most featured, websites for you to get all you need - quickly, simply, and without paying a single dollar. As for me, I believe that the following websites (YouTube, Wikipedia, and Google Plus) are the best places to get high PR backlinks.

 Note, however, that unlike classical link building in its ordinary sense, getting high PR backlinks is not an easy task at all. Though, no need to worry - the task is entirely achievable after all, when handled right. So, let's discuss those high-quality websites one by one.

high pr backlinks

Google Plus Social Pages

Using Google Plus social media website is probably the simplest yet still a fair way to have some high PR backlinks for your site. All you need here is just sharing a blog post to be awarded Google backlinks with the highest authority in return.

YouTube Video Hosting

No need to say that YouTube managed by Google is the second world's most famous website, with a daily visit count following the relative daily score of the search industry giant itself. So, this online video hosting is a great place to get high PR backlinks - simply by uploading a video. And keep in mind that namely YouTube is known for its domain authority score coming to full 100 of 100. Not bad, yeah? So, using the service to get a high-quality backlink, you should simply login to, proceed with uploading a video on the website, and end up with embedding the video description with a backlink leading to your website.

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Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia

Wiki is well-known for being the most popular online free encyclopedia. It's also said to be nearly entirely independent and objective, being handled and updated on the volunteering basis. Considering its equally high domain authority (score 100 of 100), having high PR backlinks from Wiki will greatly increase the trust and credibility of your own website.

 Basically, there are two optional ways to get backlinks there, but everything can be quickly ruined when it comes to their actual verification. I mean that very often live users apply for a manual verification before publishing the edit. That's why your backlinks might as well disappear after a few days due to such verification. Here is how we should act. First, upon creating a new web page on Wiki, keep it under the draft stage without publishing, and you will get the backlink.

 The second option I tried myself is dealing with a certain page on Wiki, though not so famous. The critical point here is that anyhow complete manual verification is actually impossible. Thus, the lion's share of not too popular pages is always inevitably ignored. I suggest making our own use there - simply by pasting the link pointing to your website. Seriously, that will do.

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