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How to get good backlinks in free and straightforward ways?

External or inbound links serve as an engine for SEO in our days. Backlinks are highly appreciated by search engines, especially by Google and help them to determine website rank on search result page. According to some sources, inbound links are the second Google ranking factor after content relevance. Without backlinks your business won’t be visible to your potential customers and subsequently will be loss-making. 

Nowadays, ranking algorithms work not the same as several years before when the number of incoming links was the most significant factor for useful link profile. Currently, search engines evaluate the quality of backlinks rather than their quantity. It is substantial from which sources your links are coming and how relevant they are to the content on a website. In fact, search engines use many factors to determine the quality of inbound links for ranking sites. However, experienced link builders distinguish four broad categories - relevancy, trust, diversity, and authority. So, all your incoming links should follow these four necessary criteria. If they are not following these requirements, you should try improving their quality or use Google Disavow Tool to remove them at all. 

So, let us discuss some essentials how to get quality backlinks from reputable and trustworthy websites.

Ways to get good backlinks to improve website page rank

A link building objective is not to make your links look natural is to make your links natural. The most organic way to create backlinks is to produce quality and engaging content to make users link to it. However, in reality, it does not always happen. The more efficient way is to target high authoritative web sources with content that they would like to link to. The problem is that it is difficult to obtain links from high PageRank sites because they work only with popular domains and have extremely high-quality standards. However, in this paragraph, we gather for you some effective link building strategies that will help you to get good backlinks.

  • The moving man technique established by Brian Dean

You need to make your market niche research and find websites or web pages that no longer available. On the next stage, you need to use any professional link crawling technique and find out the domains linking to the page that no longer exists. To obtain this information you can use Semalt Web Analyzer or Majestic Crawling Tool. On the next stage, you need to distinguish relevant to your industry and valuable domains. Create the new piece of content or take one of your existing articles if they stick to the point and offer the site owners to replace unavailable links with the new one from your site. In most cases, website owners agree on this proposal as it is an excellent opportunity for them to enrich their link profile with one more dofollow backlink.

  • Broken links replacement method

At first, it may look like the previously mentioned Brian Dean links building technique. However, it is not the same in practice. According to this method, you need to analyze your targeted domains and find out the broken links that lead to unavailable pages. Then with the use of Google’s Chrome Broken Link Checker Extension, you need to find links that point to error pages from a particular web source. Using this Google extension, you will be able to find a countless number of broken links. You need to sort out these links and find only relevant and traffic generating ones. Then you need to create a content piece on the same topic that a website about and reach out with a better deal to the targeted domains, offering them to link to your site instead of the error one.

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