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How to improve website SEO with external backlinks?

Do you remember these days when link farming was uncontrolled and unpunished? In those days, you could find tons of links shoved into a single page. Websites were able to get link juice without being relevant and authoritative. For the benefit of users and search engines, link farming no longer works today. However, it does not mean that nowadays external backlinks cannot bring any value to your website SEO. If you do not use external links, you just lose your opportunities of getting targeted traffic to your site and improving your rankings. Instead, when you implement external links, make sure that the techniques you are applying bring you the right type of attention.

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How to build a winning SEO campaign using external links?

  • Create press releases

A press release is a good opportunity for your business whether it is a small local restaurant or a big shopping platform. It gives you an opportunity to introduce your business novelties to the general public. However, you need to be sure it is newsworthy, and not just designed to increase rankings. If you have a smart approach to creating your press release, then you will be able to generate a positive flow of attention to your brand and establish the loyal relationship with your potential customers. However, if you attempt to tap into the excitement with fake news, it won’t be advantageous for your brand image and create a rather negative than a positive attitude to your business.  

  • Guest posting

A lot of website owners cannot get value from guest posting and lose their opportunities to get a traffic flow to their domains. It happens due to their wrong approach to this link building technique. Guest blogging is not just flooding someone else’s blog with external backlinks to your site. It is, first of all, an opportunity to share your quality and up-to-date content on a blog that thematically related to your industry.

For instance, let’s imagine that you publish your post on a blog with 1K subscribers. So, if your article is posted on this domain, you receive a possibility of this 1 thousand readers finding and reading your article. At least a half of them will follow a link to your site as a result and may convert into paying customers. Here, your primary task is to provide readers with really engaging and relevant information that will raise their concern toward your brand.


  • Build niche networks

One more significant reason to use external backlinks for your optimization campaign is to build niche networks. Establish niche related networking enables you to connect with the most powerful niche influencers and raise your referral opportunities with them. Each of you may offer high value to the audience of the other. As a result, you will get more external links to your site and provide value to your potential customers.

  • Benefit from sponsored posts

Sponsored posts are another valuable opportunity for businesses. You may establish mutually beneficial cooperation conditions with thought influencer in your market niche and offer to pay them for posting your articles on their pages. Make sure you sacrifice with real content to receive genuine results.

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