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How to create an attractive e-commerce web design?

Currently, a quality website is crucial for your online business survival especially if you retail products. E-commerce website design serves as a business card on the Internet. The biggest amount of your potential customers judge about your goods or services by your design quality. By having a properly optimized e-commerce site, you raise click-through rate and conversion. Attractive e-commerce web design plays a key role in any winning marketing strategy as it helps to turn new visitors into leads. Let us discuss how to improve e-commerce website design to attract potential customers and get to the TOP of search engine results.

e-commerce web design

Small tips to improve your e-commerce web design

The following tips will help you to improve your site rankings and take your e-commerce business to a new level.

  • Quality photos

Quality and appealing photos of your offerings serve as a key factor for successful e-commerce business. Such pictures help users to decide whether to purchase your products or turn to your competitor’s website. You need to invest time and money in capturing quality photos if you would like to make users buy your staff. Moreover, it is a smart idea to create some appealing videos to show your target audience a backstage of your production. Your photos should present multiple angles of your product and some significant details. These features help an average user to make a right decision and become your loyal customer.  

  • Improve website navigation

Your website should be well structured to let users easily navigate through all pages. Everything should be organized in such a way to let users find what they are looking for. Use pop-ups and other marketing features to use all possible chances to attract your website visitors attention.  Moreover, make sure your customers have an option of taking many actions on your site at once. It is advisable to create buyer’s personal cabinet. It will simplify a process of making an order and keep a wish list.

If you submit your website to search engines, crawlers will start parsing your current sitemap better. By doing that, you will raise your brand awareness and improve website rankings.

e-commerce seo

  • Live Chat

Ensure that you have a live chat on your e-commerce site. Live chat can improve your customer service and make your website visitors loyal to your brand. Through a live chat, users receive an opportunity to interact with a support team or directly with merchants. They can ask questions about staff quality, delivery details and so on. By implementing live chat, you can improve your customer's shopping experience and eliminate any existing problems with your site or immediately solve customer concerns. To add a live chat to your website does not require a high technical expertise. However, it brings visible positive results.  

  • Contact information

You need to add your site to Google My Business to make sure your potential customer will find you easily. Moreover, this simple action will significantly increase your site authority in the eyes of Google.

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