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How will we create easy backlinks in 2019?

Search engine optimization can be rather tough and intimidating, especially for young specialists without certain experience. This sphere includes numerous optimization techniques, statistics, tools, programs and algorithm updates. Moreover, digital marketing is not stable market niche. More and more novelties appear in this sphere daily, and it is complicated even for experts to keep up with all incoming information. In spite of all these hardships, there is a simple way to think about SEO. This process consists of three interrelated and interconnected components that serve to increase traffic. These elements include - content, inbound links, and social media. Implementing these optimization techniques in the correct way, you will easily obtain backlinks in 2019. You need to pay significant attention to all these three optimization stages as they are necessary for any modern SEO campaign to succeed. If you miss at least one optimization stage, you will end up on the 10th Google SERP page with an extremely low traffic flow. 

Before we start discussing these three core elements, there are a few things to understand about how they work in the complex.

SEO components interrelation

It is significant to have content, backlinks and social media as in complex they create a successful optimization initiative. To perform a quality and sophisticated website optimization, you cannot leave off one of these components as winning optimization procedure requires being diligent in each of these three areas. Moreover, each of these core SEO components strengthens the others. If one component, e.g., content have been executed in the right way, other two elements (backlinks and social media) will most likely bring value to your web source. Doing search engine optimization in the right way is a ton of subsequent and thoughtful work. You can’t do any shortcuts in your optimization campaign as it cause harmful effect on your website SEO and devastate your efforts in other optimization areas. Fortunately, you can refer to specialists in SEO. Both freelancers and in-house SEO experts can help you to meet your business goals.  

So, let us discuss these three SEO components that are extremely important for easily obtaining backlinks in 2019. 

1. Content

Content is a first core element of any optimization campaign as the content is still a king. It directly affects user experience with your site and shows your professionality in the industry. Every website has content that only search engines can observe, this content is called meta content. That is why you need to make sure you not only create a quality and research-based content but also optimize your metadata such as URLs, titles, descriptions, headings, and robots.txt. 

Although you may have a well-optimized and well-designed website, you are not done with search engine optimization. A blog can be an excellent contribution to your website SEO optimization. I strongly advise you not to neglect to blog as quality content attracts users from search and makes them go deeper in your site pages. 

If you would like to be a good blogger and attract new customers to your pages, then you need to follow the subsequent steps:

  • Continuously create something new

You need to publish new articles on the pages of your blog to show search engines that your web source is active and alive. The more frequently your blog is updated, the better response you will get from Google. That is why you need to keep your blog fresh.

  • Provide users with useful data

Your blog success directly depends on the number of your content readers. That is why you need to pay special attention to the quality of content you publish on your blog. Users do not want to spend their time reading not unique, irrelevant and low-quality content. You need to engage them with something unique and topical. Your content should be so good to make readers share it with each other. 

2. Backlinks

Link building tactics include guest blogging, press release distribution, comments, and other link generation tactics.

Link building is significant for your brand optimization and promotion as search engines recognize your site authority and reputation based on what kind of websites are linking to you. The more high-quality web sources link to you, the higher you will rank on search results page. To obtain quality link juice from authoritative sites, you need to be a good quality website with unique and relevant content and good reputation among users. 

To find authoritative web sources within your niche, you need to conduct a market research and find blogs and websites that thematically related to yours and allow guest posting. Then you need to contact these websites owners and ask them about link opportunities for you. Make sure you build dofollow links as only this type of backlinks can bring valuable link juice to your site. No sites can succeed in search engine optimization unless other sites are linking to it. 

Let us discuss what the best ways to gain quality backlinks to your site are:

  • Guest blogging

The process how you can obtain backlinks through guest blogging, I have previously described in this article. It is the best option for building links as it rarely regards by search engines as spam. Moreover, it is a good opportunity to communicate with your target audience and attract new potential customers to your brand. 

  • Press releases

Creating press releases is quite a simple way to improve your brand awareness and tell people about your novelties and changes. Everything you need is to develop a well-written piece on something eventful in your company and submitting it to a press release distribution company.

  • Create engaging content

An organic way to obtain quality link juice is to create valuable content that users will share and like. The key to success is to publish research-based outstanding materials following by infographics on a regular basis. 

  • Get listed in local directories or narrow focused professional organizations

It is reasonable to add your web source to business directories as there are still a lot of people who search the required organizations through these directories. Links from any reputable source will help to improve your site’s rank, so do not miss your chance. There are a lot of services on the web that provide website owners with the opportunities to build links from major local directories. 

  • Acquire your competitor backlinks

You can benefit from your market niche competitors who have already put their efforts in link building. First of all, you need to conduct a competitive analysis and detect your TOP5 niche rivals. Then identify the links your competitors have and sources from which these links come from. Find your competitors link donors and ask them about link opportunities for your business. 

3. Social media

To be active on social media is your ticket to the highest position on SERP. Social media in our days is an integral part of search engine optimization. Through social media channels, you can contact your clients and establish with them friendly relationships. Merely getting a lot of likes and shares can ramp up a page’s authority, and therefore its rankings, resulting in more social traffic to it. 

While conducting your social media marketing campaign, keep in mind the following tips:

If you establish your brand on one of the popular social media platforms like Google+, Facebook or Twitter, you need to work under it on a daily basis. It is not enough to publish a post once a week as your followers will quickly get bored and unfollow you. So, if you want to succeed in the social arena, you need to provide your followers with daily posts on exciting topics, surveys, and contests. You need to use all possible ways to contact your audience and make it loyal to your brand. 

Find the social niches that are relevant to your industry. Of course, it is a MUST to create your business account on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, but these platforms are but a fraction of the social sites available to you. It is reasonable to look for other social sites which serve niches of targeted customers. 


The three components I described in this article (content, link building, and social media promotion) are essential for business promotion in 2019. SEO success is possible, but not without each of these core elements present and properly being engaged. Nowadays, it is difficult to game search engines and higher your rank with a few slick tricks. That is why you need to invest your time and efforts in creating good optimization campaign. As a result, you will get a high return on investment.  

You need to have a serious approach to your optimization campaign and build a plan which needs to be based on building external links from authoritative sources in your niche, creating quality and research-based content optimizing by relevant and high volume keywords, and finally create a strong social presence as the biggest amount of your potential customers use social networks every day. 

As long as you ensure that your onsite optimization (web design, interlinking, content marketing, keyword research, metadata optimization) is rolling smoothly; you possess an effective and winning link building campaign and promote your brand on social media platforms, you are going to succeed in online business.  

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