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How do I build a perfect backlink profile for my website?

What is a perfect backlink profile? Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible thigh, as the “ideal” profile should include only natural links. I mean that this process can never become a fully controllable action on each and every link included. Below I’m going to list some tips for consideration. I believe they will be helpful for you to get as close to a perfect backlink profile as possible. It means your website will rank higher for the main target keywords than your closest competitors. Anyway, there is a bottom line for every modern online business, isn’t it?

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First and foremost, getting closer to the “ideal” backlink profile means steering away from the worst things like paid link building, applying for link directories, or being driven with any blog content betting mainly on spamming activities. Keeping in mind that not every single backlink, but the whole website backlink profile needs a scrupulous monitoring on the whole, consider the following bullet points and suggestions:

  • High Authority Links

Apparently, a good backlink profile is always based solely on high authority links. I mean your link building strategy must rely only on the most authoritative, trusted and well-respected web pages. Remember - your website authority is a very sensible thing. Don’t waste your time and effort on any garbage links that would be inevitably counteracting your high-quality ones, anyway impacting your website ranking in a definitely negative way.

  • Anchor Text

One of the most disputable matters here is the backlink anchor text. No need to say that embedding your links with the keyword-rich anchor texts is well-recognized as one of the most powerful ways to rank higher for a particular target keyword or key phrase. Nevertheless, all that wouldn’t be enough anyway. In fact, your perfectly flawless backlink profile will need different types of anchor text to be seen throughout your web pages. That way, make sure your diluted anchor texts are all branded not only with the keywords but a variety of other semantic writings relevant to your general content subject.

  • Fresh Backlink Profile

Let’s face it - building the “ideal” backlink profile can never be completed in full. I mean it’s a long-lasting and constant effort aimed at winning more fresh links all the time. In fact, even the most authoritative websites ranked on the top of Google’s search results should be continuously getting brand-new links. Otherwise, their too weak link building activity will inevitably result in shrinking the online visibility on the SERPs.

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  • Link Relevancy

Just don’t forget - those old times of nearly random link building have passed long ago. Quality, not quantity matters. This is no longer the point, as every positive and performing backlink profile should always be more than relevant to the domain and webpage properties. Considering link relevancy for any promising third-party partnership, check what things in general that website’s content is talking about, and exactly which keywords there are already ranked for. Most commonly, using an online tool like SEMRush, or Semalt Analyzer can make all things much easier, at least those concerning the most critical issues like contextually relevant keywords, online source authority, and page content quality.

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