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What are the effective ways to craft winning offers and increase product sales?

If you are looking to enter the new market or expand your business, Amazon global retailing platform is the best opportunity for you and your business purposes. If you confuse about the niche where you would like to start your business or do not have enough budgeting to create your ecommerce site, is definitely what you need. Amazon is the only e-commerce platform in the world that provides a wealth of amazingly insightful competitive intelligence. And the best part of it is that you can get it for the low price or even for free. 

In this article, we will discuss how to properly manage Amazon benefits and learn exactly what your market wants. You will find the useful tips how to identify your top market niche competitors and outsmart them. Hope our tips will help you to succeed on Amazon and make your business prosperous. So let us get into it!

Amazon product sales tutorial

  • Identify the best market niche

The easiest way to determine the market niche where you would like to develop your business is to check Amazon best sellers list. If you have already chosen your niche, you can use the best selling information to determine which products are most likely to appeal to your targeted market and generate the significant number of sales on Amazon. Clicking on the item, you can check where it ranks regarding sales and how users evaluate it. To obtain more variants, you can look at sub-categories on the left side of the page. Sub-categories can give you more information about the selected market and consider narrowing your target market down to. It might be that there no further sub-category for your niche, but it is possible that there is. If not, pay attention to the related sub-categories as they also can give you a good business idea. 

  • Identify your TOP market niche competitors 

By looking through the bestsellers, you can also identify your primary niche competitors. You can find these brands on Google and check their product offerings. Moreover, you can secret shop them and purchase their products to check the quality of their customer support services and delivery time. Additionally, check what your top niche competitors are doing off Amazon regarding funnel upsells and downsells. 

  • Select the suitable products to sell to your market

Amazon can also help you to decide what products you should sell to it. This information you can get from the best-selling products page. You can find the related products of the higher quality and lower price. By doing so, you will outsmart your competitors and boost your Amazon product sales. 

  • Find the super-high converting upsells

Researching Amazon, you can find out what upsell you should use in your marketing funnel. You can entirely rely on this platform as it does a lot of tests and researches before providing users with any results. So, look at the bestseller page of the products you need and click on the most well-purchased item from the list. Look under the product photo at the three sections that follow, and you will observe “frequently bought together” section, “customers who bought this item also bought” section and “sponsored products related to this item” section. Checking these parts, you will get valuable competitive intelligence information.

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