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What is the price of professional SEO services in the UK?

In our days the demand for SEO services in the UK is very high. That is why UK SEO market is quite saturated. The competitiveness between agencies is high, so they are ready to provide different discounts and special offers. However, I do not recommend to select SEO services purely based on a price. 

In this short post, we are going to discuss what is the average price on SEo services in the UK. This information will help you to select a good SEO company next time.

Average SEO cost in the UK

In this paragraph, I am going to present you the statistical data of an average monthly fee per SEO services in the UK. I distinguish three pricing levels on search engine optimization services - cheap, mid-level, and high end. 

Cheap SEO include only basic optimization services such as keyword research, content optimization, interlinking, and technical aspects improvement, and this is the best scenario you may get for this price. A monthly fee for this services is £50 for average. It has zero set up a price. For this money, you will get a very little of worth. So you can consider to do website optimization yourself. One thing where I can be mistaken is when an agency has been recently launched, and its owner wants to attract clients with a low price. However, as a rule, it is more an exception than a rule. 

Mid-level SEO services cost between £500 - 1.500. Mid-level search optimization agencies prevail in the UK. They provide a full range of optimization services including on- and off-site optimization, Internet marketing, and SMM. The only difference between middle-level SEO agencies and professionals is an experience. As a rule, mid level SEO agencies are an average or small companies that exist not more than several years. Set up the cost of mid-level SEO is between £2.000 and £4.000. Such services will be good for small websites with little competition. If you have a big company that requires a sophisticated optimization and promotional approach or want to build your business from scratch, mid-level SEO won’t go. 

High-end SEO agencies provide the most efficient optimization services that may guarantee a high return on investments. As a rule, there are full-stack digital agencies that have a complex approach to websites optimization. The number of employees in such companies is usually more than 200 people. Each department maintains a particular part of an optimization process. There are link builders, SEO specialists, copywriters, content managers, web developers, designers, PHP programmists, marketing managers, and SMM specialists. 

High-end SEO services may cost you up to £10.000, and this price is reasonable for the full range of quality optimization services, excellent customer support, and winning optimization campaign. High-end SEO services will provide any businesses with a high return on investment and help to win the TOP place on Google search results page.

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