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How to get the biggest benefit from SMM SEO?

There is probably one of the most discussed topics in a digital industry. While one specialist claim that social media marketing can directly influence website rankings through link building strategies and user interaction, others specify that SMM has no impact on rankings and may only improve brand awareness on a social background. In this article, we will try to find out whether social media marketing campaign can contribute your search engine optimization efforts or not.

How may SMM affect your site SEO?

Recently this question has been asked many times to Google webmasters, and they have repeatedly told us that social signals could not be accepted as direct ranking factors. The last discussion on this topic with Google representative Gary Illyes took place in 2016. He said that social is not a ranking factor. However, it can impact rankings because the correlation between ranking positions and social signals is very high. As a rule, top-ranking websites display more social signals than others and have a strong social presence with the crowded by followers business accounts.

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As all website owners know, backlinks are the TOP Google ranking factor that directly influences website position on SERP. Google has pointed that social link juice does not count as a ranking factor. However, here we should talk about correlation. If you continuously generate quality content, it will most likely be sharable and popular among users. If your content is shareable, the number of relevant links that point to your domain will be high. Subsequently, it will cause your site rankings boots.

So, we can conclude that even if social media signals do not directly influence site rankings, they still may improve your site position on SERP through quality backlinks that point to your content.

Benefits you get from social media marketing and SEO

There are some ways how a quality social media activity helps your SEO efforts.

  • Links potential

Your content on social media platforms should be quality and engaging. First of all, it will make your brand than your market niche competitors. Secondly, you will get more shares and receive more opportunities that your potential customers will see your content and link to it. In other words, having popular and shareable content on social media helps to attract potential links to your primary domain and improve your rankings. It does not matter whether you promote your business account on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, if you create quality content which can attract your potential clients, then you will get links from other websites too.

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  • Make your brand memorable

Brand awareness matters a lot for any online business. You may retail the most quality services or products, but if your potential clients do not know about it, you have no chances to become competitive and boost your revenue. That is why you need to reach people where they are. The perfect place where you can find and build an audience is social media platforms. For instance, there are at least two million users socialize on Facebook on a regular basis. So, with the help of SMM, you may have a worldwide reach and quickly build a concerned audience around your brand.

Moreover, social media marketing helps to build your brand awareness which can boost your chances that users will click on your brand’s content in search results and raise your CTR and conversion.

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