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What Are the Most Common Small Business SEO Services?

Selecting the right SEO service for a small business can be challenging. If you are one of those entrepreneurs who can’t decide which SEO tool to choose, then you should definitely read the following article.

The information below will help you understand what SEO tools for small businesses are all about. After reading the post, you will have much less doubt when choosing the SEO service for your business. So, closer to the point.

 small business seo services

Top SEO Services for Small Business:

Importance of the Keyword Research

The keyword research is the core element of any SEO project since it serves the foundation for all search engine optimization. The first thing you should think about when creating a plan to improve your rankings is making an in-depth keyword research that will help determine which keywords to target. Ideally, each web page on your domain should target up to two relevant and unique keywords. Make sure you have enough pages, targeting enough keywords, to cover the key areas of your business. Look for long search engine keywords. The process of selecting the right keywords is reduced to the three steps:

  • Determining keyword relevance;
  • Determining the number of people searching for the chosen keyword in your serviced geography;
  • Determining keyword competitiveness.

Relevant keywords with commercial intent should be your top priority. Obviously, the more people are searching for your keyword, the better. It is also worth mentioning that the lower competition is preferred — it requires less time and money to be successful. Semalt experts recommend that you choose Wordtracker for performing keyword research. In addition to being accurate, it is easy to use.

Page Creation Matters

Once you're done with a comprehensive keyword research, the next step you should think about is the creation of new web pages to rank for the chosen keywords. When creating new pages, try to achieve the following goals:

  • Your web pages have to be long enough (up to one thousand words);
  • Every page needs to have unique and valuable content;
  • Make sure that every page addresses the needs of the reader;
  • Keep your URLs simple and concise. They should be close to the root of the domain;
  • Remember the rule of targeting no more than two keywords per page.

 small business seo

Page Optimization is the Key

The next thing you should consider is page optimization. Simply put, you have to optimize your web pages for search engines. After all, search engines are just computers, and your goal is to ensure they can understand the subject matter of your pages. Thus, making modifications to the content as well as making a technical update for your web pages is a must.

This kind of optimization is highly advisable for small businesses since it’s more affordable than creating new pages from scratch. It often happens that a page only needs minor adjustment to be better understood by search engines, such as the creation of attractive and relevant title tags or anchor text optimization.

Wrapping Up

When selecting the best SEO service for your small business, make sure it includes such aspects of SEO as keyword research, page creation, and page optimization. Link building and technical audit are also worth paying attention to. Adhering to the following guide will keep you on the right track and ensure your small business is not taken for a ride.

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