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Is it possible to become a search engine marketing expert with blogging?

Nowadays, it’s a prevalent opinion that every successful blogger can develop a greater skill to become a search engine marketing expert. And how realizable is that idea? After all, does it make any sense? But I am sure yes, it does. The thing is that as a quite active blogger, I have never thought of myself like a search engine marketing expert. Nevertheless, blogging and list building seem to be coming hand-in-hand, given that a skilled blogger has a proactive decision to put the right focus on the task. So, let’s see the whole story.

search engine marketing expert

About seven years ago, I launched my first blog. My blogging project was dedicated to motorbikes, and now I can feel sure about at least one thing - doing so, I was lucky to make the best career decision ever. Those times long passed, and I can remember nothing special, except for my feeling bored to death, as I was merely kept waiting with my former boss, for some strange reasons putting the date of my official placement on hold. But now I’m glad to face that piece of awkward experience. After all, today I’m working on several great start-ups, and got almost no time to rest. Remembering that days, I understand that mainly blogging has become an indispensable part of my current progress as a digital marketing specialist. Sometimes I can hardly believe that has come true, as for the recent two years I was involved in too many modules of digital marketing, such as content, social media and email marketing, search engine optimization, integrated digital advertising and some other cross-functional stuff I couldn’t even put into plain English.

I was just acting to drive high-quality online marketing campaigns for individual clients who wanted to have their new brands actualized and developed just starting from the get-go period. I had no personal interest in becoming a specialist in any of those, but one day I had suddenly realized that being merely thrown for a deep dive into the matters, I had mastered the lion’s share of them, paying nearly no extra effort for that purpose.

seo expert

And here we’re finally getting to the point. How to become a search engine marketing expert without taking a lifetime? And I hate the traditional methods as they usually consume too many efforts with zero cash return for the learning period. I believe that you can only master the subject when you apply the new knowledge and keep moving to your success step by step. And considering their ever-changing nature, let’s see every single skill that can help you become a search engine marketing expert, just starting with your blog. It might seem surprising, but you can no longer bet on the organic traffic.

 So, you don’t have to wait till your new blog posts receive it. Now you can get traction nearly instantly, only using Google Adwords (or Bing Ads, for example) for a moderate cost, given that you are paying mainly for your awareness or persistent keyword research. That’s all you need to start moving the right way to become a search engine marketing expert. Of course, besides using this tactic, you will still have much stuff to do, such as creating ad campaigns and adverts, as well as evaluating and making optimization for everything you can make use of. That way, you are going to gradually master the subject to finally become a tough search engine marketing expert.

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