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What is Semalt crawler? Why I regularly see hits in my reports?

In order to provide our client the most accurate information we need to gather it first. Semalt Inc. has been working on the web analytics market for a while. We have studied all the available technologies of statistics monitoring to choose the best methods.

The main goal of is web statistics data harvesting and traffic analysis. You need special software, the so-called crawler bots, to gather information about website positions and competitors. They are not something supernatural, since Google, Yahoo, Bing search engines apply the same technology for pages indexing. But the Semalt crawler has entirely different tasks. This program cannot affect the page rank or its bounce rate. Semalt is limited to data harvesting. After that the service performs the analysis and provides website owners a clear and complete statistics report.

Read the description on the page Semalt Help to understand the principle of the service operation. There you will find a lot of helpful information.

I still didn’t get the answer why I find in my referral reports.
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