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What is Semalt API? How will it help me to promote my website?

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You launch your own business on the Internet. At first, you fly solo in the spaces of the Internet; as time goes by, you will learn to do networking. To develop customer database, you should seriously address website SEO. Keep in mind that visitors come not only through search but links on other websites, too.

SEO’s know a lot of ways of placing volunteered links – the same is done by Semalt Auto SEO service. Even if you use ‘white hat’ SEO, it will be useful for you to establish contacts with other websites. It can be placement of affiliate links, banners, and modules on webpages of a similar subject.

At the stage of website promotion on the Internet, we face an issue of web analytics. Data on positions of your website in Google search could become your bargaining chip in competitive activity. If your website is in Google TOP, affiliates will be more eager to partner with you. It will help to draw more people to the website.

You need to form partnership contacts with other websites. There are a few ways of information transfer the best of which is a module on a third-party resource. It is convenient because data get synced automatically and let users see updated information. No effort on your part is required. Almost any developer can create such module. How to get necessary data? This problem is solved with the help of API.

February 6, 2015
What is Semalt API? How will it help me to promote my website?
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