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How to become visible in Amazon word search?

Amazon trending platform is distinguished by high competition and price wars. You won’t be successful here if you have a weak listing, low-quality products, and hastily conceived marketing campaign. Whether you would like to win the Buy Box or maintain a profitable margin, you can something feel like you are running as hard as you can just to stay in one place. 

In this article, we are going to discuss the techniques you can stay ahead of the severe Amazon competition by optimizing your listings to increase the visibility of your products on Amazon word search. This information will be especially important for manufacturers who sell their own branded products. 

Tips to stay on the TOP of Amazon competition

  • Create detailed product names

You need to pay particular attention to your product name optimization. Amazon ranks each word in your title, so the more relevant search terms are placed in your title, the higher you will rank on Amazon search results page. Descriptive product titles may ensure that your product will appear in as many search results as possible. Make sure you include all significant details in your title, including brand and product description, product line, material, color, size, and quantity. Here you need to come up with words that can lead your potential customer to your product. Moreover, keep your customer need in mind when crafting your title. Avoid using capital letters as they won’t help you at all. 

  • Add as many targeted keywords as you can

Make a comprehensive keyword research using several professional research tools such as Google Keyword Planner, Semalt Amazon SEO, or AMZ Keyword Planner. Once you have obtained a list of targeted search terms, add them to your listing. However, think over the places where these targeted words will bring you the greater benefit. Having great search terms results in great visibility, and subsequently, a great visibility results in more sales. Amazon allows to add up to 250 characters of keywords for each product. Do not lose your opportunity and use all of them. And finally, always think like your buyers providing them with the information they most likely need. 

  • Improve the quality of your product images

Quality product images are MUST for your Amazon listing. If your images are high-quality, they will help your customers make their buying decision. Make sure you follow all Amazon’s policies concerning the quality and size of product images. Amazon product pages without images are merely useless. 

  • Be competitive and know your competition

You should be aware of the last trends in your niche. You need to track your competitor activities, the type of marketing they are using, and pricing to be always one step ahead of them. Remember, that even if you are doing perfect on Amazon, it does not mean it will stay that way forever. So, keep working on your listing improvement and provide your customers with the best quality products and customer support services. To remain profitable, you should always stay evolving with the market where you exist.

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