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What do you know about top spots in SEO CMS?

Content Management System has a lot of large issues, which are very important from the viewpoint of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Also, considering the friendly performance of SEO CMS, there are several top spots for a check to be known by every optimization expert. Let’s look through the list of critical items for taking the measure of SEO CMS, in line with observing the necessary range of capabilities.

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  • First of all, considering good SEO CMS should be adjustable to customize page titles, H1 tags, meta description and meta keyword tags. Ideally, every item must be self-sufficient, for example, H1 should not be based on a Page Title, etc. And there should not be any character limits here. It’s strongly recommended to keep them all separated, even in case we observe some subordinacy or dependent operating. At the same time, however, there are some options with custom rules needed for auto fill-in procedures if necessary.
  • CSS menus for drop-down navigation are essential for internal link structures and contribute to overall SEO CMS performance. At the same time, it’s required for web pages, particularly regarding search engine indexing. It’s recommended to avoid JavaScript, jQuery, and Flash when building your drop-down menu structures. Make use of CCS instead. And remember that former menus with JavaScript selector are now indexed for text format, not links.
  • Make sure to have SEO-friendly URLs created only with your CMS system. You are also recommended to have your URLs focused on keywords, at the same time they must be unique for every individual web page content. Don’t forget to check your content for matching URLs and fix the duplicate items by reconfiguring their path. And try to avoid those CMS systems, which rely on dynamic URLs, or any session IDs.
  • Don’t worry if your CMS fails to give the right use for XML sitemap creation; it’s not critical after all. Though, with CMS that makes you system management acting in a self-driven manner, things will be much easier under any circumstances.
  • Forget about Frames and Iframes, as the search engines got common difficulties with right content reading, hence bringing certain malfunctions to proper indexing. In fact, the search engines commonly observe Iframe URLs, actually missing the ones bearing original content.
  • Customize the content with a text of all attributes. Use custom Alt tags to make search engines rank non-linked images of your pages as text content. Doing so, you will get the maximum keyword relevance. Note that web pages, which are hosting images have got even greater power than those ones that their links are leading to. In fact, search engines define image alt tags as the equivalent for text. It’s recommended by web dev experts to have about 4-7 words included in alt tags.

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For Conclusion

I hope these items to watch out for will be useful and allow your CMS to show a better outlook and measurement of the SEO-friendly system.  Don't hesitate to pay some time and efforts to inspecting and evaluating your SEO CMS, as its bad performance can merely destroy your website's SEO, hence leaving possibly no chances for your e-commercial business success.


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