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Is semalt virus?

You have answered to your question. You say that you are entirely happy with our service. And web analytics is the top of the iceberg. Presently our core activities are optimization and promotion of websites. We place atomic effort to make our clients achieve desirable results. We developed our own SEO technologies to enhance effectiveness of website promotion. And these technologies yield incredible results. We manage to improve traffic of any website by 50% in a matter of months.We ask ourselves a question where rumor about viruses would come from. Let’s think together, a virus is a piece of software that does harm to a user’s computer. But Semalt doesn’t suggest downloading or installing any software. The service works in a web interface, and a user can leave the page of anytime.Semalt doesn’t require indicating confidential data. Payments are made via a reliable system called FastSpring. Purchasing through FastSpring is practiced by a number of commercial websites, and no security complaints have been received yet.Yes, there are a lot of frauds on the web, and not all deliver promised services. We from our part allow all users to monitor their website statistics for free. If a user is happy with quality of our service, he may become a Semalt client and pick a service plan for his project. You must admit that none of shadow companies would provide such opportunities.The mission of Semalt is providing clients with qualitative services of web analytics and SEO. Of course, not all of them remain satisfied because a great deal depends on the website and optimization methods. But all those who left their web resources in our trust saw for themselves efficiency of our work. It could be that unhappy users and competitors provoke negative comments about Semalt. However, this situation is typical of successful business. And Semalt positions itself as a business tool. Competition in SEO industry is stiff what results in the spread of black PR.In order to assuage your doubts, we suggest you to sign up for Semalt system and to evaluate our system of analyzing keyword positions.
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