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Piwik vs Semalt, what's the difference?

The resources such as Piwik and Semalt help to estimate website quality. But allows tracking positions of your website and competitive resources. You will be aware of all the changes taking place on webpages of your competitors.

It takes time to particularize pros and cons of each service. In fact, only one single factor is important: do you want to gain profit from your website? If it is a hobby, you do not have to spare too many efforts and invest money. Anyway, if a website represents your business on the web, the professional approach is required.

Piwik is a free web analytics service with the open source code. Even entry-level webmaster can use it to obtain experience while working with web statistics. provides far more features and guarantees round-the-clock user support. Our clients can contact their manager and clarify any issues they have at any time. But Semalt is not limited to positions monitoring. We also offer many other features:

  • relevant keywords suggestion;
  • comparison of positions on organic Google search results;
  • competition analysis;
  • website usability analysis;
  • SEO: internal and external optimization.

Unlike Piwik Semalt is a statistics monitoring tool, as well as an efficient SEO service. Website promotion experts can improve positions in the organic search using cheap and comprehensive methods. The main advantage of SEO over marketing campaigns is cost saving. You do not waste a lot of money on advertising, but at the same time your website becomes more and more popular online. Irresistible offer!

It seems that free analytics tools are more advantageous. But let’s get back to our aims: is it a hobby or business resource? Business requires investment. Investing money in effective tools you lay a foundation for gaining great profit.

Piwik makes work fine for a blog. But you can only check statistics there. Semalt gives tips how to optimize your website. Did anyone try AutoSEO? Does it really work?
It depends on a site. My personal experience shows that Semalt is better for business. They have SEO services. Google Analytics is enough for an entertainment blog.
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