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Doesn't Google Offer Free Online SEO Report?

These days, it’s hard to find a web marketer who won’t agree with the fact that SEO is an integral part of creating a successful website. Without search engine optimization it’s almost impossible to reach top positions in Google search.

To start an SEO campaign, you’ll need some specialized tools that will help you find the right keywords, write relevant content as well as telling about your resource to search engines. Those individuals who are not able to buy professional search engine optimization tools can use free Google SEO tools. However, if you can afford expert SEO tools that include informative online SEO reports, the best practice is to purchase them for your website promotion.

online seo report

Top Free Google SEO Tools

Google Keyword Planner

This one is the best free tool on the market for finding the scope of a keyword. Mostly known as the keyword research tool, Google Keyword Planner finds the target keywords for your potential clients. The following solution helps advertisers and marketers start an effective ad campaign. Webmasters can also benefit from the Google Keyword Planner since it easily finds keywords for their content with its latent semantic keywords. All you need is to type a keyword term and press “Get Ideas” button. Then you can check the right keywords for your business.  

Google Trends

Google Trends is a handy service to compare the different search terms for traffic with its historical, geographic and related data. This tool provides valuable data about top searches both global and country wise. You can use it to find and check data about your keywords and key phrases. By examining data, you can check whether the keyword is useful for your site or not.

Google Webmasters

This one is a must-have for webmasters.This Google solution takes information about your site in different ways and gives useful feedbacks, tips, and alerts about its performance. In it, you can find information about crawl errors, AMP, data structure, broken links and the line goes on. Roughly speaking, it tells you almost everything about your site performance.

Mobile-Friendly Tester

It’s important to check whether your site is mobile-friendly or not. If yes, good for you. If no, then you better optimize your resource for mobile devices as fast as possible. Remember, if you want to rank high, then you should focus on making your site SEO-friendly.

free seo report

Google Analytics

Google Analytics helps to find data about your search traffic. Even though the tool shows you data about search terms, country, city, browsing channels, bounce rate, user time, visitors, conversion rates, it doesn’t provide personalized online SEO report for free, which is a huge pitfall. It is also worth mentioning that Google Analytics is mainly geared towards small and medium-sized websites what makes it less suited to more complex sites and larger enterprises.

Therefore, if you are running a serious business venture, then you better use professional SEO services for your website optimization. Semalt would be an ideal option for those who are searching for first-class SEO service with dozen useful features, including free online SEO report.

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