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What is the Amazon product ID number?

As an Amazon seller, you should be aware that each product on Amazon has its ID number. Product identifiers can be used to create new product pages and listings. Many categories on Amazon have their specific UPCs. The only legitimate producer of Amazon UPCs that exists globally is GS1 (Global Standard 1). This company provides global standards for supply chain barcoding. Global Standard 1 issues every item on Amazon with Global Trade Item Number. 

To follow the GS1 requirements, you need to take into account the type of products you want to retail, the quality of your product data, and the specific requirements for selling in that product category.  

In this article, we will explain the role of GTINs and UPCs for the promotion of your product on Amazon global trading platform. 

However, before we proceed any further, I should note that Amazon is going to start to cross checking UPC codes assigned to various ASINs on their marketplace against the GS1 database. It can mean that any seller without authentic UPC codes can be removed from Amazon search results. 

Amazon UPC codes: what are they and why do we need them?

The UPC code is a bar code symbol which is uniquely assigned to each trade item. It is widely used in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and other English speaking countries. It consists of 12 numeric digits that show UPC company prefix, item reference, and check digit. The first digit numbers assigned by GS1 to uniquely identified brand owners have to mark products with UPC symbols. 

The next five digits serve to show item reference. They are assigned by the brand owner to reference a specific item.  

And the last digit is called check digit. It is a calculated digit based on a MOD check digit calculation from the preceding digits. 

UPC codes can be of two types - UPC-A and UPC-E. The difference is that UPC-E code is shorter and has zeroes suppressed. It means that you will not see the 0’s within the barcode, only within the corresponding GTIN. 

What is ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number)?

Amazon Standard Identification Numbers are used to identify items on Amazon. They consist of the unique blocks of 10 letters and numerals. The ASIN code for the required item you can find on the Amazon product information page. It should be noted that for books Amazon uses ISBN barcode. The standard identification number is the same for books as the ISBN. However, for all other items, the new standard number is created when the item is uploaded to Amazon’s catalog. 

Item’s ASIN code is placed on the product details page among other product details such as color, size, etc. This code can be used to search for products in Amazon’s catalog. By typing a definite ASIN or ISBN code into Amazon search box, you will receive required search results with this code (on the condition that a product is listed in the catalog).

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