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What is the part of SEO in website promotion?

The subject of SEO in website promotion is a questioning where the winning idea proves to be the apparent one. I’m not going to refer to any principles of the Search Engine Optimization, or how they are applied in practice. And I will not tell you about those already well-known advantages or probable disadvantages of handling SEO for website promotion purposes. After all, the concept of the search optimization has grown lately, as the Internet has been evolving long to cover a lot of other means to boost the web traffic, without being limited to just natural (organic) unpaid search listings.

seo website promotion

So, what’s the main part of SEO in website promotion, apart from those tired old mantras? What is SEO beyond just website optimization and the most standard works on page content? Let’s face it - SEO in website promotion is never manipulating with Google’s search algorithm. The actual suggestion is that the search optimization is a combination of technical science, deep instinctive understanding, and a little bit of poetry and magic. Yes, I’m serious here.

First of all, speaking of the technical extremes, SEO is always betting on a set of mainly repeatable and sometimes templated operations, such as:

  • Making a precise keyword research to set the right priorities and start shaping every subject of the website’s page content.
  • Analyzing the search volumes for the main targeted keywords, as well as figuring the primary targets for relevant topics around them.
  • Taking the search volumes for the keywords in correlation to their competition to start making use of the strongest and well-balanced ones solely.
  • Getting a proactive consideration for a purely technical stuff like page content indexing, Flash properties, Javascript issues, and the rest of hidden effects behind the user’s authentication.

And here we are finally entering a very delicate and even risky junction for SEO and website promotion. I mean that here starts the magic and poetry of a creative and productive search optimization. Every practice of SEO should be driven by original and ingenious ideas adapted to each case to achieve the maximum performance in website promotion. Let me show you the real part of SEO with several examples below:

  • Giving up with the full use of some ranking factors, in favor of indeed more promising ones, however, putting the entire website at risk of losing the previous progress. Is that right? Only up to you.
  • Taking most of the current decisions driven with the right balance between a broad instinctive understanding and a solid part of acquired knowledge. There is no mathematical approach for SEO, even regarding cold statistics and common website metrics. Every genuinely well-formed decision is obtained here with a visionary approach to various public data collected from many different sources.
  • Acting like a real perfectionist, persistent and attentive to every, even the puniest, detail. It’s mainly referred to having every shred of daily work turned into a passionate idea to build something outstanding, provide only the best services and bear only top expertise in a particular sphere of industry, being loyal to fair competition at the same time.

seo website

At the other extreme of SEO and website promotion, there are the illegal schemes to trick or manipulate the search algorithm. After all, let me ask you just a single question - are any prompt but still short-term gains in ranking worth having a website with a wholly uncertain future? Instead of moving the way of risks and highly probable adverse outcomes, I recommend channeling all efforts in a “moral” and creative origin. Just because we all want to have a sound website shown among top-10 search results as it deserves so.

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