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What are the best free SEO analyzer tools for comprehensive website analysis?

Online merchants should always look for new SEO analyzer tools that make their work easier. Website positions analysis is a fundamental component of any SEO campaign. That is why you should find a reliable SEO analyzer to perform a comprehensive site analysis. The following TOP-5 free SEO analyzer tools will help you to conduct analytical researchers at your disposal.

Semalt Website Analyzer

Webmasters who use this tool agree that it's user-friendly and brings quick results. It takes seconds to conduct a full website analysis. Moreover, you receive an opportunity to download a full SEO report.

seo analyzer tool

This SEO analyzer provides you with the following insights:

  • website pages loading speed check and improvement;
  • technical factors (keywords in meta descriptions, headings, titles, images and content itself);
  • inclusion or exclusion of frames/ dynamic URLs;
  • backlinks generating and check;
  • total number of indexed pages;
  • impact of social media shares.

Link Research Tools (LRT)

LRT is used by such giants as eBay and LinkedIn. This tool provides customers with a comprehensive audit of their backlinks. Users receive an opportunity to have a 360-degrees view of their backlink profile. It generates new crawls with each new report.

seo analyzer 2

Links still play a significant role in Google's search algorithm. So, by having a tool which provides you with backlink audits, you receive a good chance to gain profit from your SEO campaign.

LRT provides users with the following services:

  • scanning the web for new links;
  • simplify a process of Google penalties removing;
  • a niche research;
  • tips for website rankings improvement.


It is another professional SEO analyzer tool which is distinguished by the following features:

seo analyzer

  • mobile responsive test;
  • usability report with an emphasis on page size, loading speed, structured data markup, etc.;
  • analysis of keyword consistency, sitemaps, underscores, broken links, etc.


Found is one more free SEO analyzer tool that simplifies a process of website analysis. It provides a check of SEO factors that have the biggest impact on organic search rankings. You can download Found as an app.

seo analyzer 3

This tool has the following features:

  • identification of common SEO errors like slow loading time, canonicalization, and metadata;
  • onsite SEO analytics;
  • backlinks checking.

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