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Semalt Adsense monitoring

If you make money from contextual advertising Google AdSense, we will tell you how to check the efficiency of this source of income.

You have to work hard on your website to meet the demands and requirements of Google contextual targeting. First of all you should define your target audience. Then you need to understand what type of advertising will be the most efficient for your website.

By means of web analytics service you can easily find out who visited your blog. Statistical analysis shows what pages are the most popular so you can attract more and more new clients. Define aims and subject area of your website and regularly add exciting content there.

Semalt AdSense efficiency monitoring helps to gain more profit. How comes? With the help of web analytics service you can track visits on your website and behavioral factors. Focus on the interests of your users and gain more profit from contextual advertising.

It’s obviously that advertising of gadgets will work successfully on some IT resources. While restaurant ads will do well on a food blog. Learn the queries the users enter to find your website on Google and create content considering this information.

Semalt AdSense performance monitoring helps to evaluate possible profit and invest money in website optimization wisely. Google puts webpages under a microscope. Semalt Website Analyzer shows soft points of a web resource and gives some tips how to fix errors. If you want to achieve the maximal result for a short period of time, SEO service by Semalt will suit you the best. We offer two packages: FullSEO and AutoSEO. And we recommend FullSEO as you made up your mind to do business with contextual ads.

To sum up, Semalt provides the following options:

  • position monitoring on Google search results;
  • semantic kernel creation;
  • SEO-auditing;
  • competitors analyzer;
  • internal and external optimization.

Use these and other Semalt tools to check whether your Google AdSense advertising works effectively on your website.

I sent a request to Google but they didn’t add my blog to AdSense. I have high positions but for only one keyword. What is the problem?
Promote your website using other queries. Google may think these queries are irrelevant.
Check your content. You may not have enough of it. Or maybe you took it from other resource. You’d better check.
if a field is widespread one query is not enough. promote it for 3-5 keywords and wait for the result
Absolutely. One keyword is insufficient. Not necessarily that many people will enter it. Look through the list with keywords and think of adding more relevant queries.
Try to select more keywords using Semalt Suggestions. We offer you internal and external optimization services: AutoSEO and FullSEO for successful website promotion on Google search.
You must definitely work with the content. Google is always trying to find faults. You can forget about AdSense once there are some non-unique articles or pictures on your website.
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