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Is it possible to improve my SEO with one way backlinks?

Most commonly, there are two different types of backlinks to improve your website’s domain authority and page ranking - original ones delivering mutual benefits to both sides (give-and-take), and one way backlinks. Before anything else, let me give you an affirmative answer - yes it is, one way backlinks can improve your SEO. And now let’s have a deep dive into the matter.

First and foremost, we need to make a clear difference between two different types of links. Next, I’m going to give you a brief explanation about your website’s online visibility and one way backlinks. And we will finish it up with some useful tips to help you understand in what way to get one way backlinks - quickly and at ease.

one way backlinks

Casual Backlinks

By definition, give-and-take backlinks stand for original links that connect several independent websites for a mutual reference and higher web traffic. Yes, such links are great for pumping more traffic. Nevertheless, casual two-sided backlinks usually don’t have enough weight to achieve either a high domain authority, or any measurable ranking improvement. Considering that they are quite easy to create, adjust and even manipulate, the search engines will hardly recognize the most common backlinks as a powerful SEO tool to build a massive online presence for the website. Do you want to see a more measurable ranking progress? Here is when it comes to one way backlinks.

One Way Backlinks

Apparently, such links are designed just to be pointing to a single website without applying for a link back in return. According to the leading search engines, like Google itself as well as Yahoo and Bing, these backlinks got a much stronger potential to influence the website’s domain authority, and hence the best possible prospects to improve online exposure for search. 

Note, however, that there are many strict guidelines and rules imposed by Google to make a fair and more controllable game for every web page on the Internet. That’s why creating one way backlinks will need your precise attention and frequent checks that every, even the puniest detail, is in place. Otherwise, you might as well waste all your efforts - merely being banned for violating rules, either accidentally, by mistake, or on purpose.

Link Building Strategy

Building Opportunities

Of course, there are three different ways to build one way backlinks - with hiring a web development company or full-stack SEO agency, using specific link building software tools, as well as doing it manually (of course given that you aren’t a guy with two left feet). Outsourcing the task means you should understand what should be done and in what order to be correctly fitting your overall business targets. 

That’s why I strongly recommend you to start with exploring different free link building tools to get the necessary knowledge of the nuts and bolts. As for the manual process, of course, it’s a definitely time-consuming task, but it still pays off, as you will get everything more controllable, without spending a dollar to complete the task. Nevertheless, it often becomes a wise choice for the lion’s share of professional webmasters who want not to just save money, but invest in their own experience as a more powerful asset in future.

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