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Are SEO and Internet Marketing all the same?

Any businesses going online platform gets a fair advantage from the vast amounts of clients coming from the Internet. Online marketers and marketing companies mainly rely on such methods as content marketing and Social Media Marketing (SMM). Both of them are revolving around Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques dealing with keyword research, as well as backlinking. Many eCommerce website owners may wonder - is there any actual difference between the Internet marketing and SEO itself. Well, both of them are actually sharing some common practices and concepts. But in reality these 2 terms aren’t equal. In fact, SEO in marketing is technical oriented practice, while the Internet marketing is generally dealing with a content creation and its representation.

marketing and seo

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Considering SEO in marketing, it suggests optimization works on the company’s front page, website responsiveness and its layout. Sometimes marketing and SEO are both relying on the social signals to increase a web page ranking in the SERPs. Obviously, when a worthy information is spilling over the social media, more users will be encouraged to start sharing it. Doing so, your website gets more clicks, retweets and ultimately gains stronger domain authority, particularly in your market niche. As people keep having clicks on the links leading to your website, your page ranking grows being driven by quality backlinks, which are well-recognized by the search engines.

seo in marketing

Internet marketing

Once again, SEO is generally dealing with a keyword research and better online visibility. While the Internet marketing focuses more on the human aspects of a website. Internet marketing makes a deal with interacting with the content, as well as interactive elements which appear on the web pages. Some of the top internet marketing companies are developing different means of interaction such as images, informative videos, online presentations and webinars. Internet marketing has a closer relation with the users, by applying for email marketing, messaging and direct calls, targeted ads, and more specific content personalized before being addressed to the final customer. Thus, the Internet marketing is relying on more targeted promotion methods, rather than SEO driven by generalized and would-be engineering techniques.

seo marketing


Every successful online business needs to be driven with an effective marketing strategy with SMM, being supported by proper SEO at the same time. In some cases, a crucial role is taken by content marketing in particular. Most commonly, however, people are failing to find the real difference between the Internet marketing and SEO itself. But choosing the right marketing company will need you to consider your market niche, ROI as well as top marketing goals. Sometimes it can become a really challenging task, that’s why it’s so important to be aware what SEO actually stands for, to make its right diversification from the Internet marketing, and finally get only best benefits from both realms of online ranking promotion.

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