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How to get good backlinks for user-friendly and performing SEO campaign?

For most of us, there are no critical difficulties in understanding how to get good backlinks for SEO purposes, at least on the basic level - with generally clear and manageable technical and search optimization requirements to make most out of link building efforts regarding SEO and effective Digital Marketing. Much about this topic is well listed by a rich variety of different step-by-step guides and link building tutorials available in open access. But the main issue remained all the same - for many novice webmasters and online business owners, it's still not fully clear how to get good backlinks that would fit them all - both live search user-friendly experience and sufficiently appropriate indexing by Google's crawling bots. Seems like a real SEO crisis, right? I mean that having a misaligned performance between the real browsing experience on your pages, and technical optimization of your link profile is a very unhealthy situation. Put it simply, very often even a technically correct website or blog can prove to be rather awkward (if not annoying) when attended by the real visitors. And vice versa, a lack of proper optimization (including improper link profile structure) can easily turn the whole site into a rather abandoned and rarely visited place - no matter how great and valuable content could be possibly hosted out there. 

Considering that such potentially negative outcomes can become much more adverse, particularly for small web shops and online service providers, I want to show you how to get good backlinks that can be really good for everybody - both people, and the machines. Of course, it doesn’t mean at all that any general means of technical SEO can be shelved - even for a while. Keep in mind, however, that there are certain cross-sectional elements (for example, like XML Sitemaps) which can greatly improve all sides of online performance - both traditional human browsing experience, and a completely appropriate indexing by the search crawling bots. I believe that the key to a fully successful SEO campaign with a well-maintained and healthy user experience is still betting more on quality content and relevant links pointing to the other allied websites or fellow bloggers with high user trust, PageRank, and authority. As for me, I still prefer to rely a bit more on my content. So, when it comes to link building in SEO, here is how to get good backlinks best way - and make everybody happy. Just try getting the things in the right place, at least on my following content suggestions:

  • Precisely targeted and purely relevant to the business industry or niche.
  • Well-demanded by the main audience of potential clients or active readers/followers.

  • Unique articles and posts professionally tuned to deliver more practical value and real-life insight.
  • Modern content management systems for you to keep everything in place, and to make things a bit easier after all.
  • Ongoing and persistent works related to SMM (Social Media Marketing), needed for you to start getting recognized as a strong and trusted authority worth sharing, mentioning, following, subscribing, and linking to.
  • Picking keywords is part Art and only part Science - just take it for granted - both for standard page content, and link anchor text.

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