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Why do real estate agencies need to get more high-quality backlinks?

There is one stable rule in search engine optimization that claims that the more backlinks you have to pages on your website, the better your content will rank for different relevant to your business niche search terms. However, link building strategies differ from business to business and to succeed you need to have a particular intelligent approach to it. For instance, a backlinking campaign is drastically different for real estate professionals.

get high-quality backlinks

As a rule, webmasters implement the following basic strategies when they start boosting search engine rankings of the recently established domain:

  • post links to the new website articles and updates on social media channels;
  • generate backlinks to the new domain;
  • keep a consistent pace of posting fresh content on your blog.

All mentioned above approaches will give you a positive result if you continuously repeat them for your site. However, if you would raise your brand authority in search engines more faster, you should get more creating and implement some effective link building techniques.  

As real estate market niche is regarded as the most competitive in the digital market, you will most likely start with lots of competition. To outsmart your market niche competitors, you need to think smart and create backlinks in different tricky and creative ways. The point is they should look naturally placed for both search engines and users. You need to have a particular purpose of your optimization and link building campaign. Otherwise, you will end up with poor results. To rank on the TOP of SERP can’t be served as the primary business purpose. It is a very general statement that most likely won’t give you any positive result. You need to divide this too big idea into the most realistic and small plans such as to build quality links or create engaging content.

If your online business purpose is to get backlinks, then you need to raise the following question:

  • How can this backlink affect my real estate company?
  • Does it backlink look organic in the content, or it seems like I purchased this link for advertising purposes?
  • Which search terms I am trying to rank on SERP?  
  • Where on my website is the backlink sending traffic?

If you have truthful answers on these question, then you can go ahead and select an appropriate link building campaign to generate high-quality backlinks back to your real estate domain.

quality backlinks

The following methods will help you to generate high-quality backlinks to your site:

  • Create blog posts on local blogs

One of the oldest and practical ways to get quality and targeted backlinks is to craft guest posts for different niche related blogs. It doesn’t mean you should only look for real estate blogs, and you may also write some quality information for local communities blogs, city news platforms and so on. When you start generating quality backlinks back to your site from reputable web sources, your site gets more authority from Google and gets higher rank position on SERP.

  • Share your current blog content on other websites

Another way to get a lot of high-quality backlinks is to repurpose your content on various quality content posting websites. You can repurpose your content by changing its format. In other words, every blog post you create should be followed by a slide deck, presentation, YouTube video or Facebook live session. You may post all these different pieces of content on all your social media channels and attract more concerned users through it.

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