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What is the best SEO optimization approach for my own channel on YouTube?

Today, online video promotion has become an integral part of the lion’s share of the modern digital marketing strategies. Hosting a supporting channel on some popular video hostings (like YouTube itself) is an excellent idea, as people simply love watching funny videos, video guides, and tutorials, as well as willingly visit online video blogs.

best seo optimization

Considering the specifics of the market niche (online frameworks for social media), YouTube is known to be the second most popular platform, with slicing there the second largest market share. And that’s not surprising - most of the users on YouTube are devoted viewers constantly keeping an eye on their favorite video blogs, reviews, channels and modern trends on practically any popular topic.

But running an efficient marketing channel on YouTube to support the primary business will need your time and effort to get the best SEO optimization for its algorithm. In fact, this video hosting works much like a search engine like Google itself. Focused on video content, the online service is driven by a sophisticated algorithm for content ranking when displaying something upon the user’s search request.

So, let’s try to see what are the best SEO optimization approaches here to get a higher ranking for your videos, as well as the entire channel you are currently running:

Keep Uploading

YouTube users are expecting to see more new videos every day. That’s why you should work persistently and keep uploading fresh content. Doing so, you will not only get more followers but better ranking in YouTube search. By default, the most recent and fresh content is always given a good ranking advantage here.

Have Quality Content

High user engagement is a fundamental signal for YouTube’s algorithm. I mean a “watch time” ranking factor, when the users keep watching the videos, as they find them enjoyable or useful. So, for the best SEO optimization, you must only deal with a high-quality video content.

youtube seo

You Must Act

Away from the direct user signals, YouTube’s algorithm is betting strongly on the prompt and timely input video information from the channel owner. I mean that you must always act proactively, never put off any current works. In fact, if you want to have the best SEO optimization for your newly uploaded videos, it is critical to do all your stuff within the first 48 hours for practical optimization works. Doing it right and always on time, YouTUbe is more likely to shoot your videos on the top

Optimize Your Metadata

I think that optimizing the metadata for your video content, even before you get the video uploaded, is the most challenging task on YouTube. To get the best SEO optimization for your metadata, I recommend it once again - keep doing it proactively. Don’t hesitate to spy on your successful competitors. That way, just use the most popular videos of the smartest opponents to optimize your own metadata on the keyword tags, video title, as well as a custom thumbnail, and content description. And remember it once again - woriking on your metadata in advance will give your YouTube videos the highest chances to stand there on the top of the search.

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