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Semalt E-Commerce SEO
Unfold the potential of your online business

We offer you a flexible solution focused on promoting your online store
to your prospective customers.
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Why do you need E-Commerce?

We bring you clients

Within this package, we make your online promotion conversion oriented by targeting transactional queries of your niche. Our work is directed at bringing you buyers with a clear goal in mind rather than just visitors. All users that will be coming to your online stores are guaranteed to be interested in your products, services or pieces of information.

You pay for results

Owning any online store is demanding in terms of investments. A lack of financial resources at the beginning prevents from moving past the break-even point. We have combined our experience and latest promotion techniques into a campaign that yields outstanding results.

Low-frequency keywords rankings

We target low-frequency keywords to attract your clients, because their intention of search is to make a purchase. This type of website visitors looks for the most beneficial offers and our task is to help them find these offers at your e-shop. We promote your low-frequency queries, making them more visible to visitors who will be interested in your product.

Niche analysis

E-Commerce service is an ultimate stand-alone package developed for e-shop owners by professionals with expertise in both e-commerce and search engine optimization. We assess the defining factors of success for your niche thoroughly and evaluate the competition level. Then we use this information to map out the most effective strategy for your online store.
Does your e-commerce project need better rankings and more clients?
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E-Commerce includes:
SEO Team & Personal Manager
  • Scanning your website for any penalties from Google to increase your Google Trust rank.
  • Full-scale content originality check using our unique technology.
  • Analyzing the structure of your website and how well it corresponds to the needs of a customer.
  • Selecting the best commercial keywords to attract the target audience.
Internal optimization
SEO Team & Web Developer
  • Working on the structure of your website to improve its usability;
  • Creation of informative, original and SEO-friendly texts for your homepage;
  • Writing original description for every product page;
  • Eliminating duplicate content;
  • Broken links and error 404 pages removal;
  • Adding meta tags to the promoted pages and edit HTML code by adding attributes and tags that meet the latest requirements;
  • Editing robot.txt and .htacess files to increase the loading speed;
  • Improving website indexing by generating a sitemap file;
  • Adding social media buttons for better conversion and promotion.
Working with links
SEO Team
  • Filtering through the website link juice to get rid of the unnatural and bad links;
  • Hand-picking the link juice that will be relevant to the niche and your project and bring you top rankings;
  • Selecting web sources for link placement;
  • Flexible and natural integration of the links with the original website content.
Personal Manager & Marketing Experts
  • Offering professional support. The progress of your online store is monitored daily by your personal success manager.
  • Providing clients with success reports. Every online store owner, who works with Semalt, gets comprehensive reports on results based on data from our Report Center and their Google Analytics.
  • Get personal recommendations on how to increase website sales. Withing long-term partnerships, our marketing experts will analyze your online store and provide you with valuable tips on conversion issues and your e-mail campaign.
  • We will scan your e-shop for mobile/desktop version errors and assess the quality of the loading speed to give you a piece of advice on how to improve your website even more.
The great demand for high-frequency keywords promotion leaves the area of low volume keywords beneficially unexplored. We have several strategies based on promoting e-commerce projects to Google TOP low-frequency keywords. One of these strategies involves low-volume queries ranking for a wide range of search terms. This way, we can bring from 10 to 1,000+ customers to your online store per day.

How to start?

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