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How to make sense of website development pricing?

Yes, this rather common matter of website development pricing isn’t as simple as most of us may think. Moreover, there can’t be any single opinion, should it be either right or not. The thing is that the process of website development and its pricing matter are hardly quotable ones.

After all, I have been in the industry for about ten years already, so let’s try to get an anyhow adequate answer, however, without providing any one-sided opinions or single-minded suggestions. Considering website development pricing in particular, you should pay a careful attention at least to the following bullet points.

website development pricing

First of all, consider the process of website development and its pricing not as a product, but more as a service you are going to order. Let’s face it - the websites have got nothing to do with any actual products. Hence the process of website development can never be quoted just like for commodities. Observing the matter from the viewpoint of a service, you will understand why there are no one-off price tags or even a single approach to estimate website development pricing. Just because this specific service usually takes a lot of time and much effort, that commonly vary for each case individually.

Moreover, any quotes and even accurate evaluations to have a reasonable estimate for website development pricing are far too uncertain, as they will always be subjective, at least to some extent. I mean the process of website construction can be possibly accomplished in a hundred different ways. Of course, no joking here. Seriously, you can check it at once - just go out to see several leading companies providing the service. 

Simply ask them for a personal website development pricing to be customized for your project. That way, I believe most of them will tell you just the same - the websites can be quoted like the products in no way. You might as well have a full pack of different suggestions all over the map. I mean you can have some entirely different estimates starting, for example somewhere between two thousand and one hundred dollars, each time for the same list of requirements. Just take it for granted - when it comes to pricing, there couldn't be any right estimate, neither accurate nor the average one.

website development

Moreover, constructing a fairly working website is the process usually involving a very comprehensive set of sophisticated planning. I mean that every property of your business project, even the puniest detail expected for its overall online performance, often has a too substantial influence over the final price tag you are likely to be given in the end. 

And coming back to the point once again, let’s imagine we are going to have a reliable estimate at all cost. That way, wondering what can be reasonably expected from your website development pricing, most of every company will have something about 50 typical questions to ask, or just give you a standard form to fill in. That way, based on your answers, their total scale of works can vary anywhere between five hours and over hundred hours for every listed feature you are expecting for your website performance. And would you willingly pay so much time to complete this procedure, which will make your quote estimate no longer free after all? 

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