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How to obtain PR9 dofollow backlinks within a short period?

To make your business visible on Google, you need to rank on the 1st or at least on the 2nd search result page. It is quite difficult to push your site up to the TOP of Google SERP as the competition in all market niches is high. Two significant aspects that can make your online business prosperous are search engine optimization and contextual advertising. While pay per click ads can appear too expensive for some businesses, search engine optimization can be done with minimal spendings. However, it is worth to mention that you need to know all optimization aspects and notions as well as pitfalls and tricks to create a winning optimization campaign. Fortunately, there a lot of SEO blogs like this one, specially designed to make your social presence stronger. 

This article is devoted to the theme of building PR9 dofollow backlinks. You will learn how valuable backlinks to your business and what authoritative web sources and social platforms you may use to build the most relevant and quality incoming links to your site. 

Why do you need to build dofollow backlinks on PR9 web sources?

Popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have a high PageRank which is great for your SEO checklist. These platforms are best places where your site should be mentioned. Creating backlinks to your blog from PR9 web sources will probably positively affect your site ranking position on Google. That is why it is a smart idea to use their high ranks for your benefit by referring back to your blog from them. If everything is done correctly, you will obtain more authority from search engines and higher rank. 

There are two possible types of backlinks you can obtain from high PR websites - dofollow and nofollow. Dofollow backlinks possess value to your sites as they transfer link juice. Search engines notice the signals that come from authoritative sources through backlinks and give your site a higher rank. Links with “nofollow” tag can’t be noticed by search bots and bring zero value to your site rankings boost. In HTML, dofollow is the default code for links. It requires adding nothing special to websites URL.  On the contrary, nofollow backlinks need particular command showing that link should not be counted in a ranking. 

How to obtain PR9 dofollow backlinks?

The easiest way to create high PR backlinks is to make comments or create a profile page. But first of all, you need to do a research and look at the ranking statistics of the niche related web sources and consider what kind of traffic they will bring to your site. 

Let us have a look at one of the most popular high PR social networks that will bring quality link juice to your site. 

  • Facebook

You need to create your business page on Facebook, then go to “Add Static HTML to page” link and leave your official website URL here. Then you need to find “Edit” button and remove the file, index.html. In this section you need to add your web source link in the following format:Your Blog Name.  To finish the process of creating a dofollow backlink on Facebook, you need to click on “Save and Publish” button. 

  • LinkedIn

Creating dofollow backlinks on LinkedIn is almost the same as on Facebook. You need to create your business account and in the section “Personal info” include your permanent dofollow backlink. Other links that you can build on this platform will be nofollow.

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