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What are the ways to get backlinks in 2019?

Link requests remain one of the most popular ways to get link juice to the domain and improve website rankings. With the help of link requests, you can build external links by using the current content on your site. Backlinking is an excellent way to build your brand and improve its awareness. The only problem is that many website owners have a wrong approach to link building. They forget to include other websites besides their own, customizing them and why this will benefit the website owner.

In this article, you will find some ways how to use link requests to improve your link building campaign. There are a lot of other types of link requests for backlinks besides those you will find in this article.

how to get backlinks 2019

How to get backlinks in 2019?

Ont of the most significant moments you need to consider is when reaching out to a website; you need to customize the email so that it is relevant to the site. Make sure your emails are unique and include the information that will be highly appreciated by the reader. You need to make it specific to a website topic and show your business partner that you have engaged by the content which is placed on his web source. The several extra minutes it takes can make a big difference in the responses and websites that most likely will give you a positive response to your request. You need to keep this information in mind any time you try to establish business relationships with a website owner.

  • Request a link directory

The most straightforward way to build links to your domain is through a direct request. However, this method is also less effective than others. It takes just several minutes to contact with a webmaster and ask for a backlink. The result of such an affair may differ from the quality of source you want to cooperate with. Well-known authority websites most likely won’t accept your proposal as they have a rigorous selection of web sources who can publish content on their pages.

  • Looking for the issues to current website problems

Another more intelligent approach to getting a quality backlink to your site is to scan a web source and mention specific errors with possible solutions to them. This information can bring value to a website owner as you are helping to solve the issues that they may not even know about. If you are using this type of link request, make sure you provide a webmaster with this data for free. It is smart to wait until the second or third email communication before making the backlink request.

how to get backlinks

  • Using your content as a source for the content you found

This approach of getting backlinks can be beneficial for your site. If you refer to a blog owner and comment about the article or post you want a backlink from, it is a good conversation subject. The other way to get backlinks is to mention the post you found them on, and then bring up the post you want a link from. You need to read articles and see the places where your brand is mentioning will be reasonable and look natural. If it does not currently have a link, then suggest that your website could be a good source for this link. 

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