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Can you give me a beginner guide how to build backlinks for SEO?

Considering this frequently asked question - how to build backlinks for SEO - there is no universal guide for starters. All you need here is to be persistent and patient. In fact, the lack of these two qualities is probably the most severe pitfall often faced by too fresh webmasters and novice online business owners. Let’s face it - the Search Engine Optimization is a long-term and ongoing process. Of course, sometimes you can enjoy a pretty good progress for your website’s search positions on Google’s SERPs - practically in no time - given that you are ranked in a non-competitive industry. So, there are too rare examples of that to become a rule or a general trend. Nevertheless, for the most of my everyday cases on how to build backlinks for SEO, I used the following methods: doing proper website research, getting everything well-organized, finding the right outreach with a well-crafted pitch, writing content that delivers value and maintaining relations. So, below I’m going to review each scheme in brief.

how to build backlinks for seo

How to Build Backlinks for SEO

Doing Proper Website Research

Before anything else, quality link building will need you to handle a proper competitive research. I mean that using online tools like Open Site Explorer (Moz), Semalt Analyzer (Semalt), or SEO Toolkit by Ahrefs you should spend some time to get a full picture of every future step in your overall link building strategy. Don’t know how to build backlinks for SEO? Or feeling the lack of certainty where to start best? No need to worry - run a comprehensive research for the websites of some close competitors in your niche and start understanding the nuts and bolts from the very beginning, and get supported with a valuable practical insight.

Getting Everything Well-Organized

Once your competitive research is completed, you must be ready to shape a list of referrals and real persons involved to the most successful publications for the strongest backlinks (I mean those with the highest Pagerank and Domain Authority). Just make a spreadsheet or any draft text file to write down and save the following data: reporter’s name, email, domain authority. Next we will have to find the right outreach - in fact, it’s the most tricky thing to face when learning how to build backlinks for SEO.

Finding the Right Outreach

Start looking for the right outreach in the website’s footer (i.e., “contact” or “about” page sections). If you can’t find a generic email address directly on the website, there is nothing left but keep searching anywhere on social media, such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or any other related platforms. Yes, it’s a really daunting and time-consuming work, but the task is not that difficult as it may seem on short notice.

backlinks for seo

Crafting a Pinch

Don’t skimp on investing some time in researching on the author or the industry influencer. Avoid using any automated software to generate innumerable amount of pinches without a compelling personal tone. All you need here is to make things personalized - it’s a real game changer to prevent those miserable and too frequent failures of active outreach.

Writing Content that Delivers Value and Maintaining Relations

Once you heard back that your content is wanted, it’s already a big win. Keep in mind, however, that it’s a mutually benefitting effort. Just don’t forget about that when writing your perfectly tailored and purely valuable content. Once your first piece of writing is successfully published, make sure to settle an ongoing relation - you can always contribute more articles on the same website! The journey has just begun, as you should keep working to forge more new relations, share your professional expertise, and get a wider exposure, for receiving a greater flow of referral traffic after all.

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