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Is it possible to have a free website promotion?

Nowadays, having a great website became critical for any business. Standing among the first things seen by the audience, it’s actually the core element of the company’s awareness and recognition. Understanding the importance of online promotion in terms of income generating potential, I selected 11 free ways to boost online ranking and promote website free of charge:

1. Google My Business

The platform serves as an excellent starting point, as it informs the users that your website is welcome for business. Once you add your commercial doing on Google Maps, all you need is just to keep updating the information relevant to your business. As a result, you can make your SERP results controllable and check the progress any time you want.

free website promotion

2. Google Webmaster Tools

These tools will help business owners optimize their pages. Using personal Google account, you can add you website to Google Webmaster Tools. Doing so, you will find a user-friendly interface, which shows ranking reports, in line with providing suggestions that would help you boost online visibility.

3. Google Analytics

GA is an excellent tool which analyzes and compares the site’s performance against the competitors. It breaks down information into demographics, e.g. visitors count, time spent by each user, and much more.This information can help to adapt your marketing campaign to the target audience. Yes, it’s really important.

4. Keyword Search Tools

There are many different keyword tools available in the Internet. Most commonly, they are crawling the Web to find out which keywords are used most frequently. Thus, if your business makes use of them, it becomes equipped to align your content with the findings.

5. Semalt AutoSEO Gear

This service is delivered by SEO provider offering a wide range of online promotion for commercial websites. Among the others, the company has a trial monthly pack you can easily try for just $0.99. It can be good to make use of their so-called “AutoSEO” feature, giving your website a boost in online promotion, as well as making it possible to monitor your Google ranking progress, at least through one single month.

 promote my website for free

6. Free Directory Listings

Once your company is established its online presence, it gets indexed by Google. So you should make sure that it appears on as many free directory listings as possible. The point is that many potential clients often go through listings searching for businesses to meet their request. The more listings you have, the greater chance that your undeveloped customers will see you. Yes, this scheme of free website promotion does make good sense!

7. Regular Content Updates

Engaging content easily sways visitors to a site. Making sure that the business keeps updating its topics is an excellent way to maintain a steady stream of visitors. Anything exciting about the company should immediately appear on the website. Updating content is a proven way to boost rankings on the search queue.

8. Adding Alt Tags to Website Images

Marketers are often overlooking the importance of Alt tags on images. In fact, Google is crawling through text, as well as images to award website ranking. Therefore, Alt tags reflecting keywords used in search query may be equally influencing, when it comes to displaying your business on the SERP.. Moreover, the more descriptive your Alt tags are, the more attention they will grab.

9. Including a Blog to the Website

Blogs make it possible to update your content on a regular basis, hence making it more informative and useful. Experts recommend using different keyword topics for the website pages. Note, however, that when Google suspects that the subject is too stagnant, i.e. with nearly no activity, your web ranking may be pulled down. Nevertheless, having several topics for your blog makes it easier to bear more keywords, while constantly maintaining unique content at the same time.

promote website free

10. Social Media

Solid presence in social media helps your business build up better brand’s image. In this case I mean exactly those works, aimed on link building. Any post on social media, be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest, as long as it keeps your brand relevancy, it will serve to attract more wondering visitors. As a result, it gives the users a good reason to visit your website.

11. Hit the Streets

It is especially crucial for local business. As long as there is something to share, there are customers on the street that would always find it useful. So never forget about great potential value of your local market niche.

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