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How do I pick the best backlink builder for my e-commerce webshop?

No need to say that link building is probably the most challenging task in the realm of the Search Engine Optimization. Most commonly, having strong links that point to your web pages is the core of success when it comes to getting a high ranking position on Google. The thing is that unlike the concept of on-page SEO, there is no universal guide, list of to-do’s, or the best backlink builder tool to help you make a positive influence on your website rankings and finally climb on the top of the search results.

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I mean that running the right link building campaign needs only creative approach. You will have to start thinking outside the box. Thus, getting a lot of random links will never do, as only specific and individually tailored backlinks will make a difference to finally make your e-commerce pages take the lead and stay out of the search competition. Of course, quality backlinks are just a single yet critical element of a truly sophisticated Google’s search algorithm. What does it mean for your e-commerce webstore? Yes, you will still have much stuff to do, such as your landing page optimization, product and category page SEO, building the right site structure, as well as unique quality content. But from the viewpoint of e-commerce business, having a high search ranking position is a literally indispensable part, the most important thing necessary for the entire project survival. Why? Simply because getting more targeted web traffic always needs to have a rich profile made up with many links coming from a number of domains with high authority.

Coming back to the point, let’s try to pick the best backlink builder considering the main specifics of the modern online business in e-commerce. Among the others, I tried myself the following link building tools for my webshop: Ahrefs, Semalt Analyzer, and Open Site Explorer by Moz. Below I’m going to have a brief overview for each of them.

  • Ahrefs would be ideal for a swift performance of your e-commerce web store. This tool combines SEO and content marketing, to make their partnership serve your consistent ranking growth. Using Ahrefs, you will never miss any aspect of your website performance offering you a full in-depth crawling report, with all backlink issues that need a quick-fix, as well as quick look at alerts on backlinks, mentions, and keywords.
  • Semalt Analyzer is an all-round online business tool that can help you understand in what way you should manage your backlinks and adjust their behavior patterns for the maximum ranking advantage. Of course, if you are new to the industry of SEO, the whole picture can seem overwhelming at your first glance. Nevertheless, there is no need to worry. Considering its best backlink builder qualities, Semalt Analyzer shows the strongest sides in analyzing backlink profiles of any website (including your competitors), individual link efficiency, bulk check-ins, investigating anchor properties and list of URLs, as well as providing useful suggestions on text content for your backlinks.

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