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What is the Amazon bestsellers rank?

Amazon is the biggest global online retailing platform where each product page has its rank on a search results page. Amazon uses various ranking algorithms to determine why this or that product is placed on a particular search page. One of the most well-known Amazon ranking algorithms is Selling Rank (Bestsellers Rank). 

In this article, we will discuss how Amazon Selling Rank works. It will give you an opportunity to build an effective marketing campaign and outsmart your competitors. 

Before we proceed to the essence of Amazon bestseller rank, I would like to note that Amazon does not reveal a secret how the Bestsellers Rank is calculated. That is why all the information presented in this short post is based on my research and experience. 

How does Amazon selling rank work?

When you are scrolling down the Amazon product page, you can observe a “Product Details” section. This section shows Amazon Bestsellers Rank. This rank is updated hourly and is linked to the number of recent sales of the product, relative to the other products within this category. Amazon Bestsellers Rank also takes into account historical sales data and various behavioral factors. 

Generally speaking, the first rank means that a product has recently sold more than any other product in a particular category. 

It is a common misconception that Amazon selling rank is based on sales, but on the number and quality of reviews or ratings. In reality, it takes into account only sales (current and recent). That is why it does not make sense to generate a lot of fake or paid reviews around your product page, especially after the last Amazon algorithm update according to which all unnaturally obtained reviews should be immediately removed. So, we can say that Amazon Bestsellers Rank shows how a particular product has been selling recently compared to other products within the same category.

Another common myth we are going to dispel is that the products do not have an immediate effect on sales rank. As I mentioned before, Amazon updates its algorithms hourly. However, sometimes it may take more extended period between an increase in sales and ranking improvement. As a rule, this time is not more than 3 hours. All that counts is the number of sales relative to other products in the same category.  

Moreover, it is worth to mention that an increase in sales does not necessarily mean an improved ranking. It is probably one of the most controversial issues about Amazon rankings. Amazon selling rank directly depends on other products within a category. It means that an increase in sales alone is not enough to improve your rankings. A significant increase in the number of sales can bring you a Bestseller Rank. You should retail more than other retailers in your category. So, if you observe a rise in sales within your niche and a high demand for your products, it does not mean that you are the best seller in your category. It can also show that some of your competitors start selling more.

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