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Can you tell me what is SEO writing basics?

It comes without saying that the content is the king. I mean that now every quality writing should be focused now on getting more attention both from live readers, and the search engines. Combining these two properties will lead to better ranking on the list of Google’s search engine result pages (the SERPs). So how to win a very tight online competition for more traffic? What is SEO writing basics followed by every professional content writer? Let’s try to find the right answers.

what is seo writing

What is SEO writing priority number one?

Creating a quality content always starts with handling a proper keyword research. It is needed to understand what combinations are commonly returned from the search in the most suitable way for your particular case. Doing so, I recommend using any popular Keyword Tool to get the understanding of how much competition and how many searches are coming with a particular keyword or key phrase you are considering to have for the starting point of your content.

Once you have a full list of keywords and key phrases you are going to deal with, have a look at the following items of the highest content priority:

  • Page titles and the main headlines with subtitles
  • Metadata, such as meta titles, meta tags, anchor text, etc.
  • Quality links, purely relevant to the long-tail keyword or key phrase
  • The rest of your content, or would-be “natural environment” for your keywords to “live” in.

What is SEO writing priority number two?

Let's talk about the keyword density. The first thing I'd like to warn you about: never abuse saturating your content with too many excessive keywords and key phrases, so that the entire writing inevitably loses in quality. Moreover, given that you go too far with littering your content, that would be recognized by Google’s algorithm as “keyword stuffing,” even with a probable ranking penalty by the search engine. 

So, is there any right solution to maintain the best possible keyword density? Some webmasters argue that it should be found somewhere between 3-7 percent for each page. As for me, I found the ratio of 2-3 percent the most preferable to meet the requirements of the search indexing. If you are still uncertain how many keywords to use, try some online software for analysis, and you will be given a personal estimate to move with.

seo writing

What is SEO writing priority number three?

The last priority, which needs your precise attention in maintaining a human browsing experience. I mean that your content shouldn’t be any junk machine-writing. Think about adding more value to your quality content, make it purely relevant, fully complete and user-friendly for thrilling and handy reading. The main point here is to make more people refer to your web pages, link to it, share it, and often have as a subject for public discussion on blogs, forums, etc. Taken together, I advise to always think of your potential readers first and foremost. Once it is over, you can still polish your content writing to be better recognized by the search engines.

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