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Where to start my web rank SEO promotion from the very beginning?

There are many different methods and algorithms for awarding the page online ranking in the list of search results used by Google, as well as the rest of popular services like Yahoo and Bing. As for the search industry giant itself, it’s betting on a well-guarded ranking algorithm, which has never been disclosed or at least partially uncovered by its officials. Considering a large research, practical testing and some shreds of insight received from some former staff members, all we know so far - Google’s search ranking algorithm involves something about 200 search patterns, mainly driven by the user-friendly browsing experience, in line with keeping the logic of the search crawlers for better indexing.

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Given that there is no exact action plan or a method to achieve the top of Google’s search ranking, there is a truly comprehensive and all-around strategy for improving the web pages. Now it is known as the Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The term means doing all the stuff around one single target - climbing on top of the list of search engine result pages (a.k.a. SERPs). SEO is mainly known for its tough and time-consuming works needed to make a perfectly sound website - purely useful and more than handy for every living visitor, as well as well-running browsing experience, perfectly shaped with only clean and bright page structure to be favored by the search crawling bots.

And you have possibly guessed the idea. I only mean that it’s easier said than done. Definitely. But, anyway, what can we do about your web rank SEO promotion, at least to start moving on the right track? Let’s have the first brief look at where we can improve your web rank with SEO. This time we will start with some of your on-site basics.


Think about your content as if you are speaking to live people while keeping in mind that your web pages are most likely to be found both by real users, and the search engines through the keywords or key phrases. That way, writing a content becomes harder than it might seem at first. It will need a lot of energy to conduct the right keyword research, create different writings rich with relevant keyword phrases, still looking natural and comfortable for reading, but delivering a big informative value at the same time. Just think of it. Maybe you are likely to employ a content expert for some help. That would be a well-formed decision.

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Links and Social Media

Link building is possibly the most dominant element in every working web rank SEO promotion. In fact, it works quite simply - Google is looking for all links, both pointing to your pages and leading away from your website. But the subject of good links and healthy relations on Social Media is still a very debatable one. Both their count and quality matters. Or nothing to it? Should all your links be organic and natural? What if we use some scripts or apply for paid links in bulk? Whatever you may decide on that, but I believe that any abusing or manipulating with them will end up with the lower position in the SERPs, hence making all our efforts on web rank SEO promotion easily reversible.

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