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Are There Web Marketing Techniques not Related to Search Engine Optimization?

These days, it’s hard to find an online marketer who is not obsessed with different SEO tools. Even though search engine optimization is beneficial for almost any online business, we advise you not to forget about the traditional marketing strategies.

Sometimes, it happens that modern web marketing techniques don’t bring the desired results. You should understand that often SEO is simply not enough to build and promote your brand. That’s the time when conventional web marketing methodologies come in. Here are four non-SEO local marketing techniques that can help you push your business ahead when popular SEO techniques stop working.

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4 Web Marketing Approaches that Help You Get By Without Search Engine Optimization

  • Social Networks

Social media is a fantastic way to stay in touch with your potential clients 24/7 and showcase your services and products to them online. Create your website accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and start communicating with your target audience.

Some people may find it difficult to manage several social network accounts simultaneously. No need to worry. First, start with one platform. Ask your customers what social media platforms they use and what kind of content they would find helpful. It’s possible to establish your social media presence with an hour or two per week and integrate it with your CRM software.

  • Coupons Never Get Old

Coupon is a handy tool to attract new clients. Even though coupons are often considered as an out-of-fashion marketing technique, it still works. Coupon codes deliver a high impact, encouraging people to use your services.

The great thing about them is that they are very flexible and can be cut from a newspaper, magazine, mailed to home or simply emailed. What’s more, they are relatively cheap and easy to create while being simple to track to calculate your ROI.

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  • Special Events

A lot of business owners highly benefit from local community special events. Why not try this technique too? Customer appreciation day is an excellent opportunity to remind your clients of your business from time to time. You can also organize exciting competitions to win free products and services. The charity event is also an excellent way to enhance your credibility and increase your foot traffic.

The following types of special events offer multiple chances to establish better connections with your potential customers or even create lifelong relationships with the audience. As practice shows, putting enthusiasm and effort into special events provides an incredible ROI.

  • Rebranding Works

Usually, people consider rebranding to be something that huge multinationals do with massive budgets. However, even small companies can benefit from rebranding — it could be something simple such as updating your slogan, logo or website. Doing something new could be just the thing to pique the interest of potential or regular clients. Rebranding is a perfect strategy that encourages customers to find out more.

While SEO marketing can be efficient, it isn’t the final point of your web marketing strategy. Keep in mind: your business is a part of the local community. By investing a little time, effort and creativity, you may find that the outcomes outperform even the most thoughtful web marketing campaign!

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