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Single SEO Web Page: is it Good or Bad?

The single page sites are prevalent in the modern world of business. Most companies are opting for one-page sites over complex multi-page websites to meet their business needs and requirements in the shortest time possible. The question is “does the site design impact SEO?” Can a single page website hurt the chances of ranking in Google? In this write-up, we’ll illustrate significant pros and cons of single page websites and consider whether simple formats can potentially affect SEO.

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Primary Benefits and Drawbacks of a Single SEO Web Page

One-Page Websites Provide Better Mobile Navigation Experience

Most people who perform web search use mobile devices which are an advantage of running a single web page SEO site. Typically, one-page websites convert  to mobile gadgets easier, and offers  a simple navigation. What’s more, on-page sites load faster than multi-page websites which work well for users who lack patience to wait for the page to load. Also, most Internet users find it daunting to click on additional tabs or pages on a small device, like a smartphone, and that’s when having a single page website is advantageous.

One-Page Websites Provide Easy Method of Targeting Specific Audience

The one web page SEO sites are unique for those targeting a specific audience and aiming to provide a certain type of user experience. It is easy to control users’ behavior from a site and steer them towards a particular direction. Single page site owners do not have to worry about visitors clicking on wrong pages while searching for the needed information. All the information users looking for can be found on a single page. Such websites perfectly suit diverse business needs. In the SEO context, this concept can be significant if there is one set or keywords or just a single target keyword.

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Single Page Sites Can Provide Advanced Page Authority

Links are the most significant factors that determine page ranking. In this regard, a single web page SEO site points to the main URL for every link acquired. Therefore, a ratio 1:1 ration of pages to links is guaranteed.  

One-Page Websites Do Not Permit Wide Keyword Targeting

Keyword ranking is the biggest SEO drawback of one-page websites. The single page sites should be designed around a single concept that limits the capacity to rank for an extensive variety of keywords. One benefit of a multi-page site is that every page on the site provides a new ranking opportunity from the target audience. Sometimes, it’s a deciding factor for most businesses. Internet experts argue that businesses that rely heavily on Google to attract new clients should create multi-page websites using diversified keywords for every website page to reach a wider audience.

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The Content on the Single Page Website Lacks Detail

The second downfall of the one-page site is the lack of specificity regarding the published content. A site owner does not enjoy the freedom of devoting separate pages for every topic he wants. This is the reason why layout and organization are the essential elements to pay attention to while designing a business page.

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