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What are the Benefits of Using SEO Affiliate Program?

SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization. In the year 2010, the SEO industry was valued at 16 billion US dollars. More and more online business are becoming aware of the importance of SEO and its influence on sales. Last year, a survey conducted by Search Engine Land valued the industry at 65 billion US dollars. In 2017, the industry’s value is expected to remain at the multi-billion-dollar mark. The SEO niche is not only very competitive but also challenging. Therefore, there is a need to identify good keywords to increase the SEO’s competitive ability. Identification of suitable keywords requires a lot of creativity as well as an extensive research. To facilitate and accelerate the process of keywords selection one can always refer to for variations. This link can be useful in obtaining keywords that can be used in promoting SEO products on a website.

seo affiliate program

An SEO affiliate program usually contains products that can be promoted to earn money. The price of such programs ranges from 18 to 800 US dollars. Most commissions range at 50% on every sale made. Such programs can be accessed at ClickBank Marketplace. There are other optional programs available on the web which have a range of commissions on every sale. It is advisable to take time while choosing the right SEO program for website promotion. If possible, one should get in touch with the SEO’s managers and request for a trial.

Optimize Your Website with a Suitable SEO Program 

1. Semalt

This brand is known globally for its involvement in the SEO industry and marketing services. Most webmasters prefer using this service due to its numerous benefits. Currently, it is one of the leading providers of the SEO industry offering webmaster analytics tool. The analytics can be sent to webmasters’ clients in the report under the webmaster’s login.

2. Traffic Travis

This one is often referred to as a shameless plug but can be useful in researching keywords. It offers 44.36 US dollars on every sale made and can be applied through ClickBank or checking its affiliate page known as Traffic Travis.

seo affiliate

3. SEOPressor

This is the most popular tool that includes semantic feature. Also, it has solutions for analyzing machine readability. SEOPressor can be applied by first joining ClickBank and then visiting its affiliate page.

4. 180Fusion

This one provides SEO services and also avails digital marketing accompanied by advertisements. However, the amount of commission that can be earned remains undisclosed and requires visiting its affiliate page.

5. Backlink Beast

This program is good at building links which are tiered and diverse which helps to increase a website’s traffic. Solution’s commission is 30% and can be applied by joining ClickBank.

seo program

6. SEOReseller

This brand is based in the US and offers marketing services at a commission of 6% on every sale. One can apply for it through visiting its affiliate page.

SEO program is a perfect solution for boosting your search engine rankings. However, to extract the maximum benefit from it, it’s advisable to have a website that has already undergone optimization. Optimization can be done through blog commenting and forum, Kindle marketing, and reverse engineering. Forums are good since one gets to interact with people in the SEO industry thus promoting the website. SEO affiliate programs can be used to earn money by advertising blogs on a site.

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