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Semalt bounce rate influence

There is absolutely nothing for you to worry about. Yes, our bots really visit websites without doing anything. They neither click banners or links nor fill in registration forms. But it does not mean that these visits will add to the bounce rate.The point is that modern web analytics systems are advanced enough to easily tell bots from real visitors. If a real user leaves your website after spending there less than 10 seconds this will definitely cause rise in the bounce rate. Technical robots including Semalt ones are not indexed by web analytics systems.
Thanks! To tell the truth, I don’t understand all these SEO things. I’ve read a couple articles on the web.

If you want to find out more about ways to promote your website with the help of SEO, read this article. It will be helpful.

And what about semalt complaints? I’ve read about them too.
Unfortunately, not every website owner has a good understanding of the situation. Many of them don’t understand at all what the bounce rate is and how it is calculated. First, one needs to analyze their website to understand if internal optimization is required. Such factors as slow webpage loading, poor content, bad design and very limited functionality may cause visitors leaving the webpage very soon.
So, what’s your point? To hell with the bounce rate, and that’s it?

Of course, not. This is not a solution if you’ve launched your website to make money, not just for the fun of it. You can use our free statistics monitoring system to efficiently analyze your website. Visit this page to find out how to use Semalt for free.

If you are not satisfied with your ranking our SEOs are always here to help you. The Full SEO package includes a comprehensive analysis of the website, its positions, spotting errors in its internal architecture and content. Our SEOs will perform internal optimization, promote youe website on the internet and increase its visibility. If you are interested, please contact our manager to get detailed information.

Wow! Thanks! I gonna send you an email. Hope you’ll reply soon.
How many websites can I register for free?
Semalt Web Analytics is free of charge for you and we don’t set any limitations in terms of the project number. Please note that you can use our monitoring system without any time restrictions as well.
I already registered and your manager has just called me. Thank you!
Can I take a look at your portfolio? Or anything like that? I just want to know what Semalt SEO services can offer me.

Of course, you can. Here you can see the rise in the visibility of an online store we’ve been working with since November 1, 2014. This customer ordered Full SEO and due to the internal optimization and link promotion we’ve already achieved great results.

Wow, impressive! Thanks guys!

My statistics. Just check it out! Not bad, huh?;)


Julie, that's cool!:) You are using full seo, aren’t you?
Yes. My website turned out to have many errors faults, like bad images, content etc. it was pure luck the website was not filtered out. Semalt people advised me to change the content. By the way, they have copywriters who can produce unique content. Google is crazy about such things.
What about linkbuilding? Does it really work?
I’ll bet it does. The thing is, it’s pretty hard to find many high-quality reliable websites to place links on your own. Plus, don’t forget about anchors and texts. Only pros can do this job. I’ve never regret cooperating with Semalt.
Awesome! It turns out I don’t need to do anything at all, I like it! I’d better pay their SEOs and sit watching my ranking rising :) Almost forgot! Since I started using semalt analytics, I can perfectly understand my statistics figures. Semalt can tell bots from real users, so the statistics doesn’t show any bots at all. Can you imagine this? I highly recommend it! And the greatest thing here is that it is absolutely free!
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